A Spanish style landscape design goes a long way in making your garden look absolutely marvelous.

Spanish Style Landscape

A Spanish style landscape is all about warmth and colors, which give it a unique look. You can easily design a patio in a classic style and make it look chic in the contemporary times. Spanish style landscape requires you to have a nice shady patio where you can spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon bar-be-cuing or sitting by the plants. The patio that is well-constructed will give you a private space, protection from sun and rain and also add volume to your home. With spring being just round the corner, consider getting a Spanish style landscape for that classy look to your abode.
Spanish Style Landscaping Design Ideas
  • Visit your local furniture shop. They usually have lot of options and ideas and will offer you a lot of options regarding designs and shapes. The pergolas are usually made of timber that has been processed for surviving in outdoor environment.
  • Else, you may build your own patio with colorful stone slabs and wood. The most effective shape is the rectangular shape in which the frame is wooden and is built sturdily to withstand bad and rough weather conditions. An overhead structure can be covered with wood, reeds, acrylic, glass panels, canvas or creepers.
  • The patio paving should be done with bricks as it is the best for a Spanish style landscape. Stone is not only durable, but also offers warmth, gives a rustic touch, is easy to work with and comes in a variety of colors. Another popular option is decking, though you need to be sure of the wood that you will use for that purpose.
  • The best lighting option would be soft and diffused lighting. Don’t forget to highlight dull corners by having hidden lighting to give it a soft ambience. Lights that have a glare should be avoided or should be used with some layers of translucent materials to play down the harsh glare.
  • For bringing nature at your doorstep, don’t underestimate the power of containers. They are available in a huge variety of shapes, designs, colors and materials like terracotta, ceramic, wooden barrels and the more contemporary, steel. Of course, there are no limits to experimenting with plants like shrubs, flowers, vegetables, ornamental plants, creepers, vines, etc.

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