Well-picked antique items not only tote up the elegance of home decor, but also demand a lot of care and attention. Know how to clean your antique furniture by following these quick cleaning tips.

Cleaning Antique Furniture

Antique furniture totes up the grace of home décor and imparts a modish touch to any house. Today, antique items not only hold the interest of the true art aficionados, but are also a rave among many urban homemakers, mainly due to the easy availability of various antique replicas and reproductions in the market. But, these facsimiles can never surpass the true charm of an authentic antique item. If you are someone who can really boast of possessing an antique piece of furniture in your living room, you know where you stand.  Apart from showcasing your distinctive style, these antique pieces also call for proper care and attention. So go through this article and learn how to clean and preserve your prized possessions by following these simple tips of cleaning antique furniture.
Cleaning Antique Furniture
·        Make sure that you vacuum and dust your antique furniture with a very soft cloth.  Never use coarse materials to wipe their surface.
·        Always clean rough and uneven surfaces with a brush or a vacuum nozzle, attached with a brush. Avoid using wet clothes to clean jagged surfaces.
·        Wet cleaning should be done with a mild detergent and followed by a rinse with a damp cloth. Always blot excess water with an absorbent sponge.
·        Dab some solvent-based cleaning wax in a cloth and clean your antique products with it. Ensure that you wipe away with a dry cloth later.
·        A common myth is that lemon oil helps to preserve antique pieces. Never use it to clean your furniture, as it will dry and darken the wood.
·        Avoid using spray waxes to clean antique furniture. They sometimes leave silicone on the surface that makes further refinishing difficult.
·        Take some carnauba wax inside folded cheesecloth and wipe the furniture with it. Buff with a dry cloth. See that the there are no smears left.
·        Take some beeswax in a soft and clean cloth to clean your furniture once a year. You can also try a good commercial polish that contains beeswax.
·        Try using a handy electric polisher or buffer for cleaning smooth surfaces, if you want to avoid the tedious process of hand polishing.
A Few Things to Consider
  • Avoid direct lighting near antique furniture, as exposure to bright light makes it susceptible to darkening and fading. Store it in a dimly lit area to prevent degradation of finishes and to prolong its life.
  • Extreme temperature and humidity should always be avoided while selecting the sites of display of your antique furniture. Insure that you keep it away from fireplaces, heaters, ovens and sunlight.

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