Cleaning stains from the furniture can be made easier with some tips. Read on to know how to clean stains from furniture.

How To Clean Stains From Furniture

Are you thinking of buying a new furniture? Not because your existing furniture has become old but because of the stains on it? You may not be alone in this. Many people opt for new furniture after the furniture gets stained and looks unattractive and ugly. While furniture increases the beauty of the house, stained and dusty furniture makes even an otherwise clean house look messy. When we invest in furniture, we give all our attention to placing it in a right way. Once it is done we seldom think of it, forget about maintaining it. You may be dusting it once in a while but a proper cleaning is necessary to keep the furniture looking good and to increase its life. Sometimes we unintentionally spill stuff on the furniture. Even stains can be cleaned from the furniture; you just have to learn some of the tricks. Read on to know the tips for cleaning stains from the furniture.

Cleaning Stains from Furniture
  • The first thing, which you need to learn, is that whenever something stains your furniture, you need to blot the excess stain instead of soaking it. Use a paper towel and pat the staining substance into it to avoid it from dissolving into the fabric of the furniture.
  • Before you start the cleaning process, you need to determine the type of stains from the furniture. When you know the type of the stain, you will be able to clear the stain in a better way.
  • Sofas generally come with a recommended cleaning product. Use the product when your furniture gets stained. In case your furniture is very costly, take the help of the service center for cleaning the stains.
  • Some people recommend the use of fabric protector for preventing the furniture from staining. One such fabric protector is scotch guard. A special kind of coating is done on the furniture to prevent it from staining. You could opt for it if you have small children or if you spend most time on your living room.  
  • If the furniture is stained of ink, then you can use rubbing alcohol or dry-cleaning fluid to remove the stain. Put a drop of rubbing alcohol on the fabric and then blot dry it immediately.
  • Many furniture stores suggest the use of furniture cleaning kit. Invest in a furniture cleaning kit and use it in case of stain emergencies.
  • Makeup stains could also be removed with the help of a dry-cleaning fluid or a rubbing alcohol. Pat a little amount of either the rubbing alcohol or the dry-cleaning fluid and with the help of a paper towel blot it dry immediately. Repeat it several times until the stain is gone. If the stain seems too stubborn, wash the area with white vinegar and warm water and blot it to find your furniture as good as new.
  • If the juices or wines have been spilled on the furniture, you can clean the fabric with warm water and let it soak for few minutes. Now blot it dry with a paper towel and keep blotting until the stain is cleared. If the stain is tough, you could add a liquid detergent or dishwashing solutions with warm water and blot the furniture with it. Lastly, you could blot with a club soda to clear the stain completely.
  • The stain of grease could also be removed with the help of a rubbing alcohol. Just blot the area with it and then wash it with the solution of warm water and vinegar and pat it dry with a paper towel.
  • If the furniture is stained with wax or gum, it may be easy to take it out. However, you need to be very careful while you are taking it out in order not to damage the fabric of the furniture. Press the area where gum or wax is stuck with a packet of ice wrapped in a towel. It will help the wax or gum to become brittle and then you could easily take it out with your thumbnail.
  • If you have leather furniture, you could use moisturizing soaps to clean the stains.
  • If your table has been stained with water rings, you could use lemon oil to clean it. Take a soft cloth, dip it in the lemon oil, and then clean it. Rub it with the cloth and blot the excess oil with paper towel.

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