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Studio Apartment Decoration

A one-room studio apartment may seem the appropriate option to stay in when you are not really capable of paying a higher rent for a two or three room flat. Just because it is a single stretch of room does not mean you cannot decorate it or arrange stuff in a way that it looks like home! Most people complain of the inability to form a personal space for themselves and usually accommodate the living room with the bedroom. Studio apartment decoration is not as difficult as it sounds and only requires a bit of creativity and a passion for your home. Bring out the creative streak in you and you will yourself be surprised with the results. Ask your friends for ideas and suggestions for decorating a studio apartment and with some help, you can surely achieve a cozy living place.
Studio Apartments Decor Tips
  • Have a clear idea of the entire space of the studio apartment. If you have a computer, make a virtual 3D copy of your apartment and make sure it is proportional to the scale and actual measurements.
  • Now, make an estimation of the size of your living room and your bedroom. Know where you will place your furniture like bed, sofa, chairs, closet, etc. This will help you in decorating the room in an order.
  • Separate the living room and the bedroom with a screen. You can get plenty of wooden screens in the markets these days. Look out for garage sales and small furniture shops where you can strike a good deal. Else, go in for curtains to separate the living room and bedroom. Go in for a standard rod curtains in a slightly heavy material and in a slightly dark color. The color should be in contrast to the color of the walls.
  • Do away with furniture that you think are a clutter and of minimal use. Instead a huge center table, go in for a compact coffee table that has in-storage facilities. You can store old magazines, newspapers, etc inside that and put away stuff that is lying around carelessly.
  • The sofa, if in a combination of a bed, can be pulled out to make a great bed for guests. That way, not only would you have a cozy couch, but also won’t have to worry about making some extra sleeping space for a friend. Decorate it with soft cushions for getting that homely look.
  • Accommodate personal knick-knacks like photo-frames, small cups, teddy bears, etc, in one corner of the room. You can buy a thin long shelf with segregations in wrought iron that can be placed at a corner of the living room. Every level of the segregations can have a small knick-knack arranged neatly.
  • Consult a professional when it comes to lighting. With some tricks here and there, lighting can actually make your room look bigger. Consider having a small chandelier in the living room and compact fluorescent bulbs in your bedroom. Make a corner for keeping candles for a nice soft ambience for weekend nights.
  • Electrical items like TV and your music system can be accommodated on a trolley that has sections for TV, DVD player and music system. Usually these trolleys have wheels so that you can take them from one room to another.
  • Make sure you leave a walking trail from one section to the other. Remember Feng Shui; don’t clutter your room and make sure the energy flows freely from section to the other.

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