Studio apartments are the latest catchword in the real estate sector. Create your own stylish studio apartment by incorporating the decorating ideas suggested here.

Studio Apartment Design

A studio apartment is nothing, but a small-sized apartment combining a living room, bedroom and kitchen into a single unit. Only the bathroom is kept separate. Comprising of an area not more than 300-600 square feet, it is a challenge to decorate the available space in the best possible way. So, while retaining its quintessential trademark look of an artist’s workshop, the comfort level should be on the top of your mind. After all, this is supposed to be your home. This article entails ideas as to how you can create your own studio apartment, without making it seem cluttered and claustrophobic.
Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas
  • Your primary aim is to divide the given space into specific areas of usage like a living room, bedroom and kitchen. For the purpose, nothing works better than furniture. For instance, the sofa back can create a virtual separation for the sitting area. Always remember that every piece of furniture in your apartment should serve a purpose. Get rid of any extra piece to avoid chaos.
  • You certainly are not thinking of placing that heavy oak wood book case in the living area, are you? The furniture you chose should be appropriately sized for your apartment. It shouldn’t be oversized and bulky. Before getting any furniture, ask yourself what purpose would it solve and whether or not it would enhance the look of the apartment. Check alternatives for the big furniture. For instance, a heavy dining table can be neatly replaced with a small café.
  • Trot around furniture markets or antique shops to find some funky and interesting piece of furniture, which would lend your apartment an arty touch. Besides ensuring their proportion, picking up items with multiple functions is a smart choice. While a stool can serve the purpose of an end table, a trunk can store your extra linens as well be your coffee table. However, if you think you can’t do without a dining table at your place, go for a small and compact dining table. You can even stock up folding chairs in the available space.  
  • Apart from using furniture to create a sense of partition, you can use paper or wood screens as well as drapes. Folding screens, blinds, shelves or casters can as well be used to create a divided look. They work exceptionally well to separate your bedroom area from the rest, giving you some privacy.
  • You can also use colors to separate the large open space available. However, try to use a continuous color palette all throughout, instead of putting in too many colors, texture and pattern. This would create a jarring effect instead of making an impression. You can experiment by painting the wall containing your favorite piece of furniture or artwork. The color of the paint should complement the space décor and should not seem out of the place. At times, architectural elements like a chair railing or a crown molding around small sections can provide you with a line from which you can begin painting the wall with a different shade.
  • If you wish to style your apartment more traditionally, rugs can be utilized to define space. While a large rug can be placed in the sitting area, a runner placed at the back of a couch separating the sitting room and office can give the visual appearance of a hallway.
  • The bedroom area depends on the available space. If the area is small, go for beds which can serve as a pull-out sofa in the day-time. So, you can have a sitting area for yourself instead of something which can be used only while sleeping. However, if you want to invest in an actual bed, use curtains to separate the bedroom space from the main living area.
  • To create your own office space, you can use a shelving unit to divide the room. If the shelf is to be used for storage purpose of your files and other office stuffs, choose a shelf with an attractive back. You can even try painting it to create an effect. An open shelf can create also help in defining an area and can be used to store your work material along with displaying decorative items and plants.

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