Are you looking for information on the most popular apartment dogs? If yes, read on and learn about the top dog breeds suitable for apartment living.

Top Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Increase in population has led to lesser space for living. What better example of this, than witnessing the cramped apartment spaces in crowded places like New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. Where there is not even a place to keep a pen, people are living by the inch to cater to their increasing needs. It is a fact that due to lack of space and privacy, some married couples have started renting rooms in hotels. However, this does not stop them from accumulating furniture, household appliances and pets. It is bad enough for humans to suffer, but when they start bringing animals as pets, the situation becomes all the more difficult.
People have to understand and respect pets they wish to own. They should know how much space is required for comfortable living. The most common pet is a dog and many people tend to buy one that is too big or small for an apartment. You will find many dogs in small apartments, looking depressed and always ready to run through an open door. There are many dogs suitable for indoor environments and can accommodate themselves in small spaces. It will be best for people with small apartments to choose these breed of dogs, in order to provide a ‘happy home’ to their pet. Listed further are some of the top dog breeds for apartment living. 
Most Popular Apartment Dogs
  • Height - 10 to 14 inches
  • Weight - 13 to 20 pounds
  • Characteristics - They are obedient, playful, and attention craving and will sulk if ignored. They need a daily walk, but are sedentary indoors. 
Yorkshire Terrier
  • Height - 6 to 7 inches
  • Weight - around 7 pounds
  • Characteristics - It makes itself comfortable indoors and can exercise inside the house as well, though a daily short walk outdoors would be good too. It loves to play and will be good if you mingle with it through games. 
English Bull Dog
  • Height - 12 to 16 inches
  • Weight - 49 pounds to 55 pounds
  • Characteristics - They are perfect indoor dogs and known to be friendly and calm. They do not venture outdoors without their masters and cannot easily adjust to hot weather conditions. 
Italian Greyhound
  • Height - 12 to 15 inches
  • Weight - 6 pounds to 10 pounds
  • Characteristics - This breed is active indoors, but fragile. It is intelligent and makes a good watchdog, as it deeply barks at unfamiliar sounds. It is known for its lack of bladder control and is very sensitive to cold temperature. 
  • Height - 6 to 9 inches
  • Weight - 2 pounds to 6 pounds
  • Characteristics - Though it is the smallest breed in the world, it is very ferocious. The dog is not suitable for homes with children, as it tends to bite when frightened. It is well suited for apartments, but does not adjust to cold weather. Daily walks are recommended, as the breed is quite active. 

Miniature Poodle

  • Height - 11 to 15 inches
  • Weight - 15 pounds to 17 pounds
  • Characteristics – These dogs are very lively, love to play in water and enjoy other games. They are energetic, intelligent, attentive and eager to please their master. A daily walk is definitely recommended for this energetic bundle. 
  • Height - Up to 11 inches
  • Weight - 9 pounds to 16 pounds
  • Characteristics - It is a lively and gentle lapdog. A short walk or indoor games will suffice as exercise. It is not accustomed to outdoor living.

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