Baroque is an excellent way to give your home a unique and grand look. Explore the article below to know tips on baroque style decoration.

Decorating In The Baroque Style

If you want to show off your style and wealth, then adopt the baroque technique. Baroque has its origin in 18th Century France, during the reign of Louis XIV. The baroque style is characterized by opulence and grandeur. This style gives more emphasis on the theatrical and dramatics so as to amaze the viewer. Decorating the house interior in baroque style is an excellent way to change from the mundane. One look at the elegant churches of 18th century France will show you the mesmerizing beauty of the baroque style. Colors are loud and the pervading feeling is of the royalty. This royal feeling and an old world charm, is what attracts baroque style to people. When designing your house in the baroque style, it is better to do the entire house, for a better effect, than a single room. To help you get started, in the article below are tips on decorating in the baroque style.
Baroque Style Decor
The chairs and tables should be carved and gilded. Make the cushions in velvet. Keep the chairs low with wide and curved legs. Frame the mirrors in elaborate and artistic frames, with drapes. In the bedroom add bed hangings. Put oak cupboards and cabinets in the living room. Put intensively decorated and large vases throughout the house. If you can afford, then buy lots of antique furniture as this will heighten the baroque style. Place large buffet, which displays large silverware and glassware. Lacquered furniture can always be used to enhance the spirit of baroque style decoration.
Walls should have lavish floral paintings and carvings. You can panel the walls in wood or marble. Or, you can also paint the walls in geometrical patterns. Add lots of tapestries along the walls for reproducing the baroque style.
Hang large chandeliers. Light the house with large candles and use a well-adorned fireplace. You can also use pewter candlesticks.
Use decorations largely consisting of chinoiserie. Lacquer ware and porcelain vases are very good for baroque style decorations. Also, use small sculptures and lavishly gilded frames. The upholstery should consist exclusively of satin and velvet. Other baroque style decorations include white and blue delftware. Keep lots of antique decorative pieces. Hang large European, preferably French paintings. Artistically crafted mirrors can also be used to decorate the rooms. Intensely decorated leatherwork is also very good in giving a baroque style decoration.
Inlay the floor in complex patterns. You can also make the surface in squares and diamonds. It is always better to go for stone floors. Decorate the floors with Persian rugs and mats.
Windows should be large and wide, preferably floor to ceiling. Hang gold and silver embroidered drapes over the windows. Tassels are excellent and also lend an old world charm to the house.
The colors should be flamboyant and intense. Gold and silver were the essential colors of the baroque style. Deep red, indigo, and strong blue brings in the baroque style. The colors are meant to astound. So, mix other strong colors and try them out.

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