Bouvier Des Flandres is a herding dog breed that originated in Flanders. Explore the article to find more information about the Bouviers.

Bouvier Des Flandres Dogs

Breed: Herding dog, guard dog, police dog
Height: 22-28 inches
Weight: 60-90 pounds
Coat: Long & Thick
Bouvier Des Flandres is a herding dog breed, which was originally used for general farm work, such as cattle droving, sheep herding, and cart pulling. In the present times, these dogs are used as guard dogs and police dogs, and are also being kept as pets. This dog breed is also known by other names as well, such as Toucheur de Boeuf (cattle driver) and Vuilbaard (dirty beard). Bouvier Des Flandres have a high threshold for pain and can take a lot of pressure on their legs without feeling any pain, a quality that initially made them a suitable herding dog breed. Explore the article to know more about the Bouvier Des Flandres dog breed.
The first breeders of Bouvier Des Flandres were the monks at the Ter Duinen monastery, in Flanders. The dog breed came into existence due to a cross breeding of imports, such as Irish wolfhounds, with local farm dogs.The resultant dogs were the predecessor of the modern Bouvier. These dogs became working dogs that were able to work tirelessly, herding and guarding cattle and even pulling cargo carts. Bouvier dogs had the strength and temperament to endure the local weather conditions, thanks to their thick coat. However, the breed was not completely defined till as late as early 20th century. It was a joint French-Belgium committee that created a unified Bouvier des Flandres standard in 1936.
Bouvier Des Flandres is a large and powerful dog, with a rugged appearance. The head is flat and long and is in proportion to the rest of the body, accounting for the square profile of the dog. The skull runs parallel to the muzzle, which is wide between the ears and slightly tapered, broad and strong. The nose is black in color and the teeth meet in a scissors bite. The oval-shaped eyes are dark brown, with black eye rims. Bouvier has triangular ears that are set high and the well muscled legs are powerful, with the front legs being straight. The double coat of the dog breed is weather-resistant, with rough and harsh outer hair. Sometimes, a small white star is visible on the chest.
Bouvier Des Flandres is an obedient dog, though it has an intimidating personality. The pleasant-natured and gentle dog can be kept suitably calm with the right amount of exercise. This dog breed is known to be enthusiastic, responsible, even-tempered and fearless. It is easy to train and makes an excellent watchdog and guard dog. Bouvier Des Flandres dogs are quick to learn commands and require well-balanced, consistent training. They have to be gently reminded, on a consistent basis, that you are the master. It is a good idea to introduce them early to socialization, to avoid shyness and suspiciousness. Bouvier make a good family dog and are excellent with children. Bouvier Des Flandres is known for being extremely loyal and protective towards the family.
Genetic Disease
Bouvier Bouvier Des Flandres is vulnerable to hip dysplasia and eye problems, such as cataracts. Its healthy temperament keeps it mostly hale and hearty. Any genetic diseases are not known.
Bouvier Bouvier Des Flandres dogs require a lot of grooming. Their long coat is to be brushed regularly and trimmed at least thrice a year. Between the trims, excess hair from inside the ears and between the pads of the feet is to be removed. These dogs are to be bathed only when necessary.

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