Bouvier des Ardennes dogs are strong, alert and hard working in nature. Go through the article, to learn more about the Bouvier des Ardennes dog breed.

Bouvier des Ardennes Dog

Breed: Herding  
Height: 23.5 inches
Weight: 48.5-55 pounds
Coat Type: Rough and wiry
Bouvier des Ardennes is a rare breed from Belgium, mainly bred to care take of bovine flocks. Also known as Ardennes cattle dog, dog cowherd and cowdog, this breed has a very distinctive look and can be found in various colors with an exception of white. An intelligent, strong and active breed, this dog loves to work without showing any fear to the touch of animals. This is the main reason why this dog was initially used for guarding cattle and sheep. A playful and hardworking creature, the Bouvier des Ardennes was originally used as a watchdog and on battle fields for its courage and raw aggression. It is very energetic and eager to play at anytime. Read through the following lines to know more about the Bouvier des Ardennes dog breed.
All the dogs that were used for cattle herding earlier were called Bouvier. There were several types of these Bouvier, who were considered as guardians and drovers. The Bouvier des Ardennes was developed in the Belgian Ardennes. The breed is the result of crossing the Picardy Shepherd with the Belgian cattle dogs. However, some people believe that this breed is a Belgian native breed that existed during the 18th century. Industrialization and increasing population made a tremendous impact on the existence of the Bovine herders. World War I added to the situation and the breed almost became extinct. Among all the Bouviers, only Bouvier des Ardennes and Bouvier Flandres have survived till date.
The Bouvier des Ardennes is a large sized dog with a rustic appearance. Its appearance makes no space for elegance, which explains why the dog has always been famous for its herding abilities and not for its looks. The dog has a well-boned and well-muscled compact body. Length of the body is equal to the height measured from the withers, giving the dog an almost square appearance. It has a broad and firm back, a deep chest with well sprung ribs. The Bouvier des Ardennes has a short, strong head with a well developed nose and black medium-sized eyes that are oval in shape. The dog has triangular ears that stand naturally. The Bouvier des Ardennes has a tight fitting, but supple skin that is covered with a weatherproof double coat. The undercoat enables the dog to withstand extremely harsh climates. The coat colors can be black, and white, grey, fawn, red and brown.
This rustic breed of dog is accustomed to staying outdoors, doing tough guard work and herding cattle. This hardworking dog is always on an alert and wary of strangers. The dog is quiet obedient and is affectionate towards its owner. It is versatile and can adapt to any given situation. It makes a playful pet for the children and an affectionate and loyal companion for masters.
Genetic disease
The Bouvier Des Ardennes is generally healthy and active. However, it is known to suffer from digestive problems and infection in ear and coat. There are no other health problems related to this breed.
This breed of dog has long hair that is naturally disheveled. They require regular brushing in order to avoid mat formation. These dogs are seasonal shedders, but their undercoat remains of the same thickness. This inner coat protects them from harsh weather conditions. Coat must be brushed thoroughly at least three times a week, in case daily brushing is not possible. Since the coat is thick, line brushing is recommended to remove mats and tangles. Do not bathe the dog too often as it will remove the natural oils of the coat.

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