Cleaning your bathtub can be a challenge at times. Read on for some simple tips that will make the task easier.

How To Clean A Bathtub

Kids just love to sit in a bathtub. They can be sailors, pirates, fishermen or even mermaids, while just getting clean. However, over time, a bathtub can get dirty and the task of cleaning it falls on your shoulders. When it comes to cleaning a bathtub, you might sure wish that you had a magic wand that you could wave and get the job done so that the tub sparkles. However, since this is possible only in a dream world, a few practical hints will help make the process easier. The process of cleaning a tub will take minimal effort on your part, if you use the right methods. This does not have to be a big project, nor does it have to be a major strain on your purse. You can, in fact, carry on with your daily work, while your bathtub gets back its old shine.
 Bathtub Cleaning Tips 
Things You Will Need 
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Bleach
  • Rubber gloves 
How To Do It 
  • Layer the bottom and sides of the tub with a roll of paper towels. Let the paper overlap a bit so that you will be sure that the entire tub is covered.
  • Wearing the rubber gloves, pour bleach directly from the bottle to the bottom layer of the paper towel.
  • Step out of the bathroom to ensure that you are not exposed to the harmful effects of the bleach as it rises.
  • Step back inside and check whether there are any dry areas. Keep pouring bleach until every part of the tub is saturated with the bleach and towel combination.
  • Once this is done, close the bathroom door and leave it to soak in for 2 hours.
  • With the rubber gloves on, strip off the paper towel from the tub. You will notice that the tub is clean and shiny.
  • Remove all the paper towels and wipe down the tub thoroughly with a cloth in order to get rid of the bleach completely.
  • If you’re using a plastic bath tub, use vinegar and hot water (50:50) in place of the bleach, or else you will find that the plastic has been eaten away by the bleach. 
Alternative Methods 
  • Fill your bathtub with hot water right to the area where it is stained, and add dishwashing soap to the water. Leave it overnight and drain the water off in the morning. Scrub well and rinse clean.
  • Fill the tub with hot water, and add shaving cream to the water. Leave this to soak for an hour. Drain off the water and scrub clean.
  • Use a tile cleaner on a damp cloth, and wipe the entire tub. This is ideal for regular maintenance, and not to clean out tough or stubborn stains. A glass cleaner works just as fine.

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