If you have always looked for an easy ways to organize closet around the house, then read on for ideas on closet organizing.

Closet Organizer Ideas

In today's age, space is at a premium, irrespective of whether you live in an apartment or your own house. People try to utilize every part of the space available to them but there is still one space in the house that really tests the levels of our ‘organizational skills’. That place is the closet – the hub of all clutter. We stuff it with clothes that may not fit us any longer, hoping to someday become thin enough to wear it. We look for summer shirts and cotton kurtas and run into sweatshirts and woolen scarves. And if we had forgotten to put naphthalene balls, the moist stench will make us nauseous. Thus, it is imperative to clean and organize your closet at least twice a year, preferably four times a year. Before you start getting the jitters about how to go about it, let us assure you that there is some method in the madness. Here’s how to go about organizing your closet.
Easy Closet Organizer Ideas 

Clutter Free
Clutter consists of everything that you may not have used in more than six months. It usually occupies a large amount of space and comes in the way when we are looking for something. Take a hard look at the clutter that has accumulated in the closet – it could be clothes that do not fit you anymore, vests that are torn, socks that have holes and so on – in general, stuff that you cannot wear anymore. Clear all that out – give the clothes that do not fit you to the maid’s daughter, use the torn vests for cleaning kitchen counters and dusting furniture. This way you will create more space for stuff that you need and use. 

Now that you have done away with everything that you do not use, take out the other stuff too and clean the shelves and walls of the closet. You may have to vacuum the shelves if the accumulated dust is too much. Place new sheets of newspaper as lining, even as you throw out the ones that you had used previously. Drop in a naphthalene ball in each corner of each closet. 

If it is your clothes that you are arranging, you may need some order. If you have salwar-kurta-dupatta­ combinations, place all the salwars in one stack, the kurtas in the other and the dupattas together. This will make it easier for you to look for something. Also, if it is summer, put your winter clothes at the back of the closet and the summer ones on the front, for obvious reasons! In winter, you must do the vice versa. 

Colour Coordinate
If you have many sari blouses that belong to the same colour family, say light and dark shades of pink, maroon and red, stack them together so you know where to look for that mauve blouse that goes with the sari of the same colour. Make sure to stack them in an order of your convenience too – like putting the lightest shade of pink on top and the darkest shade of maroon or red at the bottom.

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