Do you know what the difference between a stunning home and a shabby house is? Exterior paint color! Read below to learn more on popular exterior paint colors.

Popular Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior paint is one factor that lends a house its charm and identity. Most us would rather leave the interiors of the house bare, rather than have a façade that boasts of peeled and faded paints! Indeed if beauty is what the eyes sees, then the entire glam quotient of the house will depend on how well the paint holds onto the house. But, herein the question arises, which color to choose from. With umpteen colors at your disposal, the best will always be whatever your neighbor paints their walls in, no matter what color you choose. With the color of the paint holding so much importance, your final decision on what color you choose becomes all the more critical. Many people, to save themselves from this dilemma, do not thrust themselves on their choice. Instead they rather go for professional help, which, in the end, comes no better than your own choice. Here, people don’t understand that choosing colors is one of the easier choices available. You just have to make your mind up on any color group and the rest becomes easy. Always remember that color conveys a mood, and once you catch hold of that mood, choosing becomes easier. Read below to know the various popular exterior paint colors that you can choose from.
Best Exterior Paint Colors
Tribal Or Ethnic
This group of colors has an earthy and rich tone. If you wish to give your home a somber and ethnic look, then you should take a route towards this color group in the color menu. Painting the exterior of your home with any of the five colors in this group will convey your desire to bond with the roots and culture. This palette range is inspired from tribal and ethnic patterns. The five colors in this group are desert, roakwood amber, oceanside, red tomato, and darkroom.
If you want your house to reflect the grandeur look of old homes, vintage is the way to go for. The color range in this group gives the exterior a subdued look. The paint generally resembles the layers of paint underneath the wall. The palette will give the picture of weathered wood, antique pieces, moss or anything that inspires the old world charms. This color range for house exteriors is probably the best for those nostalgic about bygone eras. The colors that belong to this group are cream, green, coral, sequin, smoky blue and brown.
If you believe in simplicity and want your house to convey the same, then you should paint the exteriors in colors that give the house a transparent and translucent look. The palette at your disposal should bring to mind shadows and silhouettes. The paint should also have a glazed finish and exude calm and subtlety. With these colors, the house will not only blend with the surroundings, but also suggest an aura of versatility. The colors in this range are whitetail, butter, magnetic gray, moderate white, enigma, and serious gray.
The Flowery 60s
For the house to convey the look of the 60s, the exterior should be painted in bright tropical colors. These colors will also give the house the look of sun, beachy-fun and holidays. Such colors, inspired from colorful blooms, will make the house look like a kaleidoscope of abstract designs. You should go for unexpected combinations when using the colors in this group. The colors in this group are fun yellow, summer green, animated coral, spirituous sapphire and verve violet.

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