Every wall has a story to tell, not just about the owner but also about the home. Go through the article given below for some marvelous ideas for wall hangings.

Wall Hanging Ideas

A wall encircles a home, embracing your soul with its décor and comfort while you spend some blissful moments relaxing and rejuvenating. Walls are one of the most convenient places to flaunt your artistic taste, style and personality. Re-vamp your home with beautiful wall hangings since they have the power to enhance the ambience of any room. They can also magically give life to a boring and mundane wall. You can create a unique style that either becomes the focal point of the room or completes it. Wall hangings come in a large variety ranging from beautiful vignettes to barn wood frames, faux animal heads to clocks, or even exquisite candle-holders. Basically anything that looks elegant and classy can make for a stunning wall-hanging. A few things like color coordination of the wall, furniture, lighting, etc. need to be considered before hanging a unique piece on the wall. Continue reading to get a brief idea about some of the most creative wall hangings.

Ideas For Wall Hangings

  • Metal wall hangings can give a very stylish yet ethnic look to a room. They can enliven the soul and mind with beauty and can even be interpreted in various ways. A large metal sculpture is perfect for decorating a huge empty space, while a small metal piece is ideal for an area with a smaller space. Do not put a large metal piece in a small space because it will look out of place and very congested. Blend the metal art work with the wall size and also consider the color coordination of the wall and furniture. A large metal piece looks very attractive when placed on a wall with a cathedral ceiling.
  • Tapestry is a fun way to spice up your décor. It comes in many colors, styles, sizes and shapes. From ethnic India to Native American, they can spread their exotic charm to your cozy wall to give you a homely feeling. With the right choice, it can add fun and flair to any home’s decor. From interesting mirror works, colorful patchwork, hand painted tapestry to woven art pieces, there is a wide range of styles to choose from.
  • Use a large map as a wall hanging and add a touch of history to your room. You could mark all the places you have visited or are planning to visit, and you can even frame it! A hanging leather map can also be used to bring a piece of history back to life. You can get these maps for different time periods and different continents.
  • Fall in love with yourself all over again by hanging different colors, shapes and sizes of mirrors on your walls.
  • Keep the good old days alive by hanging a photo collage. From various pictures of friends and family to exotic places, you can create a joyful ambience with their presence. For a natural foliage look, try pasting dry petals and leaves on a frame. This will do wonders to your room. If you are a talented photographer, then hang your own photographs and prints, giving your room a more personalized feeling.
  • If you have an artistic bent of mind and are into painting, then the wall is your canvas! You can even commission a mural to an artist for that special corner of your home. Hanging a painting on the wall is most common and you can almost never go wrong with it!
  • Hang some feminine or floral artwork for a very royal and antique look. For a funkier look, put some abstract modern art. Prints in sleek frames will give a very chic look. If you opt for a natural look, then forest prints or beach prints on the walls are perfect.
  • Straw mats for the wall can give a very calm and eco-friendly look to a room. These mats are really cheap and are available in different bright colors. Direct a lamp on it to give it depth and a more appealing look.
  • Wall hangings are a very important part of any room. Don’t hang anything on the walls for the sake of covering up the empty spaces. If rightly selected, wall hangings can breathe life into a living space by creating a personalized homely feeling.

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