Colors add meaning to our life and when all we have is four walls closing in on us; those colors better suit our moods. Read this article to gain a few ideas for wall color combinations.

Wall Color Combinations

Should you paint it blue or should you paint it white? You wonder and finally decide upon blue for it matches your green curtains. “Maybe you could use a bit of both and a tinge of yellow!” pipes in your best friend Molly. This suggestion leaves you even more confused and you worry about the disaster that might ensue. What if your room turns out to be a visual cacophony of blinding brightness and you dread setting food into without sunglasses? Invest sufficient thought into your wall painting task just as you are investing money. You will be amazed, with the right color you can actually change the shape, size and feel of the room. Wall colors manipulate your emotions as well as those of your guests. Don’t jump to conclusions! The entire appearance of your house can go for a toss if you choose irrationally. Give your room a pleasant appearance as you splatter the walls with the appropriate shades of paint. Allow this article to assist you in selecting the right color schemes and the perfect color combinations.

Ideas For Wall Color Combinations

Orange And Green
Orange is the color of creativity and exudes enthusiasm while green provides that touch of tranquillity, thus maintaining equilibrium of the color tones. This wall color combination draws people closer to nature and wraps insiders in a nest of serenity and natural energy. Darker shades of green would be recommended. Experiment with the various hues and shades before coming to a consensus. Visualize. Ask around. You could do stripes of orange and green or paint the lower half orange and the upper half green. The permutations are endless, but fascinating nonetheless.

The Blend Trend
Before jumping the gun, it is advisable that you take a look around the room and observe each and every object. Scrutinize the furniture or the window pane. Will the selected paint color blend in well? It’s not necessarily about matching, but it needs to blend well. Wouldn’t a plaster of Paris look odd in a purple tinted room? Wouldn’t a magenta cushioned sofa look terrible in between sunny yellow painted walls? Unless, of course you are color-blind! Close your eyes and hence visualize the fusion of your house decor and wall color may have on the room.

Neighbouring And Contrasting Colors
Get a good look at the color wheel. It is an established fact that the adjacent hues complement each other. They are friends and the combination spells out harmony. Follow the pattern of the wheel and you will notice that the mixture of red and green is fantastic! If you’re uncomfortable with the Christmas theme, start looking for different neighbouring combinations. Contrasting hues also amount to delicious eye candy. For instance, take the clichéd black and white combo epitomizes contrast in color. Aren’t zebras pretty? Take a hint from them and make the walls around you pretty as well. Also, contrasting colors make small rooms appear larger.

Let One Dominate
One color should always be dominant as compared to the other colors of the room. It would be nice if you repeat this same dominating color somewhere else in the room. This gives your room character and high definition. Limit your use of colors to two or four. Use bright colors to create more of a cozy effect.

Rainbow Room
If you cannot decide upon a color or two, go wild and splash your walls with all the seven tantalizing colors of the rainbow. It will create a charming pattern by itself and release the big question mark from your head.

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