Colors play a pivotal role in calming your senses. And what better way than to use soothing paint colors for your home and office, in order to create the effect. Read on to know more.

Soothing Colors

Escaping from the daily pressures of life, you search for a getaway that is cozy and comfortable. You come home. It is one place, which is calm and serene and fills your heart with tranquility and harmony. A place where you are sure to get all your five senses rejuvenated. Colors adorning your home have a profound effect on your mood and thought pattern. They have a deep psychological impact on your emotions and well-being. Colors define you. So, whether you are warm, vibrant or calm, subtle side of yours overwhelms your persona and is clearly reflected by the kind of color you choose for your home. So whether you go for the rolling meadow green or the azure white, watermelon red, French lavender or the sapphire blue, know for sure every wall has a story to tell. This article gives an insight of the few soothing paint colors you can use in different rooms to refresh your home and add to your personal happiness.
Soothing Paint Colors
For Bedroom
Bedroom is said to be a balm for your tired mind and limbs. It is a place where you would like to return after a hard day’s work; a place which would assure you of a peaceful night’s sleep. Here are few suggestions for soothing paint colors you can sweep and brush your bedroom walls with.
  • White lends a calm and peaceful element to the room. However, the proper usage of the white paint is necessary to overcome the dull, sterile feeling it invokes in you. So, instead of painting the entire wall white, try merging it with brighter shades of red and blue. If you wish your room to feel large and airy, combine white creatively with darker hues of red, blue and green.
  • Blue is another such soothing color to awaken your tired senses. Though blue has a wide palette in itself, the toned-down versions suit best if you wish the calm and soothing effect to reign supreme.
  • Ancient anecdotes reveal that the scent of lavender eases your mind, relieves your tensed nerves and induces sleep. So, what better than a soothing lilac or lavender color for your bedroom? Choose its muted tones and you have your very own getaway.
  • Green is said to be the color that strengthens your level of concentration. It is the most easy on your eyes and besides imparting a soothing appearance to your bedroom, it helps to refresh and prepare you for another day’s hard work.
  • Although yellow resembles energy and warmth, choosing the correct shade for your bedroom can help create a soothing surrounding. Softer tones like lemon or butterfly yellow as well as honey hue work quite well.
  • Neutral or pastel colors with an earthy touch are also considered as soothing colors and are a suitable choice for your bedroom walls. However, remember to select the subtle tones like off-white, neutral sandy or gray.
For Living Rooms
One of the most important rooms of your home is your living room. It acts like a mirror for the outside world. The way you style your living room is the way your guests perceive your personality. Here are few suggestions to create a soothing living room by painting your walls with the right shade.
  • Brown is a color of the earth, which signifies stability. The milder tones of brown are appropriate shades for your living room, which make your guests feel welcomed and at home. Moreover, this color mostly complements every type of furniture style.
  • Painting your living room walls in a monochromatic theme, using variations of a single color, is also a good way to refurbish your living room décor, create a pattern yet maintain uniformity in style. Using different shades of lilac, lavender or a milder tone of purple is a suitable choice to create a soothing effect.
  • Pastel shades of green, blue and pale pink also add the element of calmness to your living room. It makes you and your guests to relax and stay connected. 
For Office
An office atmosphere should be such that the employees should feel stimulated from within to give in their best. The clients and customers visiting the place should feel relaxed and welcomed. Here are a bunch of colors you can choose from.
  • Always go for lighter shades excluding white if you wish to make your office look big. However, if there is substantial amount of space, slightly darker shades will suit fine.
  • What is your organization all about? If there are creative professionals like designers and writers, toned down shades of orange, yellow and red are ideal. This is both soothing as well as triggers the thought process of the employees. Hues of blue and green serve as a suitable surrounding for professionals like accountants and lawyers, who have a stressful job. For engineers, muted tones of gray and tan suits best.

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