If you thought that lilies were of a single type, you will be astonished to find different types of lilies that exist in the world. With this article, discover the various kinds of lily flowers.

Types Of Lilies

Large, stunning, vibrant colored, beautiful and fragrant—are just a few terms that describe lilies, one of the most gorgeous looking flowers in the world. These flowering perennial plants that grow from bulbs or rhizomes are found in almost all the continents. With over more than 9,000 different hybrids and a hundred various wild species, lily flowers are bound to be confused at the time of identification. The term ‘lily’ literally means ‘forever in love’ in Chinese and hence, these lovely flowers are found in various bright colors of yellow, pink, white, orange, cream, lilac and so on. While some lilies are highly fragrant, some hardly have any smell in them. Check out the different types of lilies in the lines that follow.
Different Kinds Of Lily Flowers
Asiatic Lilies
Standing 1 to 6 feet in height, Asiatic lilies are one of the earliest blooming flowers in the lily family. They bloom from late June through August, and have straight stems with 3 to 12 flowers on each stem. Some common varieties of Asiatic lily flowers include orange/brown African Queen, white/apricot Bright Star, pink/apricot First Love, gold/wine Golden Splendor, white/golden Heart’s Desire, and dark pink rose Pink Perfection.
Oriental Lilies
With a spicy and sweet fragrance, oriental lilies are late bloomers as they blossom as late as in August until September. They largely vary in size, right from 1 to 2 feet dwarves to 7 feet giants. They bear 6 to 12 open-faced flowers with spotted, brushed or dark shaded petals and/or a contrasting color along the edges. Varieties of oriental lilies include crimson/white Black Beauty, pure white Casa Blanca, dark pink-spotted Journey’s End, pink-spotted Le Reve, rose pink/dark pink Mona Lisa, and rose red/white Stargazer.
One unique characteristic that distinguishes daylilies from the other varieties is that each daylily flower lasts for only one day. Though each plant has many stalks and each stalk has multiple flowers, the flower that buds out lasts for only a day. After the death of a flower, the other flower opens up and shares the same fate, i.e. it too lasts for only a day. The entire flowering period lasts up to several weeks. Daylilies can be found in numerous colors, shapes and sizes, with varying blooming periods, from late spring to fall. The plant bears flowers in different sizes, right from the miniature ones (below 3 inches in diameter) to small lilies (3 to 4½ inches in diameter) to large ones (above 4½ inches in diameter). Further, the plant size also varies from 6 to 36 inches in height, with each plant bearing flowers from 10 to 100 buds. Some common daylilies are Azure Wings, Baba Yaga, Curly Rosy Posy, Daddy Longlegs, Eye De Darn, and Face Dancer.
Turk’s Cap
Also, known as martagon lily, Turk’s Cap is one of the few lily flowers that prefer shady areas. These plants have dainty, down-facing flowers and are smaller than other lily types with a height of 4 to 7 feet. They have a waxy appearance and can be spotted or freckled. They are found in numerous bright shades of yellow, pink, lavender, light orange, deep dark red, burgundy, and white. White album, dark red Claude shride, orange/gold early bird, orange/brown marhan, and pink/mauve shantung are some varieties of the Turk’s Cap.
Other Lily Flower Varieties:
  • Candium lily
  • Trumpet Lily
  • Aurelian Lily
  • Species Lily
  • Goldband Lily
  • Tiger Lily
  • Rubrum Lily
  • Shasta Lily
  • Madonna Lily
  • Easter Lily
  • Water Lily
  • Miracle Lily

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