If you wish to upgrade your traditional wooden fireplace, you have dozens of styles to choose from. Check out this article to know the different types of fireplaces.

Types Of Fireplace

True to its name, a ‘fireplace’ is simply ‘a place for fire’. Fireplaces find themselves a place in almost every home, especially in colder countries, as they provide warmth and quality to home. As such, a fireplace can be indoors or outdoors, enclosed or open, simple or elaborate. However, what becomes essential on your part is to control the fire and tame it to your required purposes, such as producing heat, cooking, or creating a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Fireplaces are available in dozens types and it is quite likely that you may place your hands on more than one type. Thus, depending upon your requirement and usage, study each and every kind of fireplace and make a wise choice. Go through the following lines to know the various styles of fireplaces.
Different Kinds Of Fireplaces
Brick Fireplace
One of the most common fireplaces that you will find in most homes is the wood fireplace. Due to the fact that they are built from bricks simply add to their durability and easy maintenance. This implies that these fireplaces can be easily installed in most kinds of homes. You can choose the size and color depending upon the space available and the décor of your home. They fit well into conventional and contemporary homes. However, they may not be suitable for modern-styled houses.
Electric Fireplace
You have always admired the warmth and effect of a fireplace, but do not have the requisite space to install one. Opt for an electrical fireplace as it easily fits into an apartment or home without a chimney. Also, electric fireplaces are best if you are on a tight budget. These are attractive fireplaces exuding beautiful glowing beds of embers and realistic looking wood. You can find electric fireplaces made with rich wood tones, stone, marble, and brick.
Stone Fireplace
Depending upon the stone that you use, stone fireplaces are considered to be more elegant and stunning than brick fireplaces. They are amazing and form the focal point for your home. Moreover, they balance and match your home décor perfectly. Hence, they can easily be installed in modern homes as well. You can choose from French, Asian, or Italian styles complementing an informal country styling or contemporary classy styling. The stone that you pick can be limestone, granite, rock, stone, marble, or any other natural resource.
Gas Fireplace
Imagine coming back home tired from working all day on a chilly winter evening and moving towards the fireplace to light a matchstick to burn the wood. Long wait until the fire gets aroused and provides warmth to the room. Now, imagine returning home on a cold winter night and simply turning on the switch to create an instant fire. Which one would you prefer? Obviously, the latter! With the introduction of gas fireplaces, the need for cleaning up messy wood chips and ashes has been tremendously reduced. With many cities battling with pollution, gas fireplaces are definitely a good alternative.
Corner Fireplace
It isn’t obligatory to set up a fireplace in the middle of your living room. You can readily install a corner fireplace to enhance the look of your room without using much of space. This is especially useful in case of smaller rooms and houses. Though they are smaller than average fireplaces, transporting them to places is an added advantage of utilizing them for a longer duration.

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