Planning a budget to renovate your house? If yes, read on to learn about a few cheap flooring options that will provide a rich look at an affordable price.

Cheap Flooring Options

Flooring made of granite or milky white marble is a distant dream for many of us. For that matter, most of us can’t even afford hardwood or carpets that can provide a great look to the floor because of the cost that come attached with them. These kinds of expensive flooring options do not fit everyone’s budgets and are not all that easy to maintain as well. However, this does not mean that one cannot make their floors look appealing and attractive. The growing home decor and designing industry has something to offer to all the people. There are a number of affordable flooring options available in the market which when used rightly and with a little creativity, can give your house the same rich and decorative appearance as a house with a marble or granite flooring. Let us take a peek at some of ideas for cheap flooring in the sections to follow.

Inexpensive Flooring Options

Bare Wood
If you live in an old home, you might have a beautiful wooden floor under the worn out carpets. You can remove your carpet and expose the old wooden floor for a more classic look. Make sure to get rid of all the staples and nails if there are any along the base boards. Give the flooring a touch up with adhesives and paints and add a coat of varnish designed for floors to give a new look to your floor.

Patchwork Carpeted Floor
Another cheap but pretty flooring idea that you can opt for is the patchwork carpeted floor. You can get few carpet samples from the carpet store and make a patchwork carpet with different carpets placed together. You can also cut the patches into different shapes to create your own unique design. Once the pieces are all together in an arrangement you want, you will have to fix them to the floor. You can get a bit creative and create a collage out of the different patches or give birth to your very own carpet painting.

Tile Floor
Purchasing tiles for your flooring can turn out to be easy on your pocket. You can go in to one of the stores and purchase the colour and design of the tiles you want to walk on. You can either tile a floor with tiles that are all alike or could mix and match different tiles.

Bamboo Flooring
Another cheap option for flooring is to settle for bamboo flooring. Though bamboo is a grass and not wood, it can pass of for as a wooden floor. You can even opt for a strand woven bamboo flooring which will display fine lines of the grass since the floor will be made by gluing the bamboo together giving it a natural look. The cost of getting bamboo flooring done is half of that of hardwood flooring and will even look stylish.

Concrete Floors
If you like an old, unfinished and an earthy look; concrete flooring is what you should settle for. Concrete flooring is inexpensive and is easy to install. There are different varieties of concrete floors available like the stained, coloured, and painted and you can choose one that best suits your home decor. Concrete floors are also a good flooring option if you are allergic to carpets.

Cork Tiles
Cork tiles are cheap flooring options for your house. Cork tiles are softer than linoleum tiles and have a more natural and rich look when compared to linoleum tiles. You can even get these tiles stained with natural shades like yellow, brown etc to add your own style and colour to your floor.

Rag Rugs
Rag rugs can suit any surface or base and are one of the cheapest of all flooring options available. You can get many varieties of colours, shapes and sizes of rag rugs and they are easily available at discount stores, arts and crafts stores and flea markets. You can also opt for a washable rag rug, making it convenient for yourself to keep the floor looking clean always.

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