Tamaskan dogs are known for their obedience, agility and amiability. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Tamaskan Dogs

Breed: Wolfdogs
Height: 61-84 cm
Weight: 25-50 kg
Coat: Double coat
Tamaskan dogs, popularly known for their lupine appearance, are better feted for their agility and skillfulness and have been used over the years to pull sleds in the cold turf of Finland. Developed from Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute, this breed of wolfdogs is exceptionally loved for its warm disposition. They love people and hate to play solitaire. They are very tolerant and love to be pampered and spoilt. They have compact, strong body with thick, fluffy double coat that makes this dog stick through the tough weather of Finland and other cold nations. Tamaskans are outdoor babies, meaning they love to play around and need extensive exercise to stay fit. Their general life expectancy is about 14 to 15 years, with no major illness adding to their disadvantage. They are very intelligent dogs that qualify them as higher level of working dogs. To explore more on this breed of wolf dogs, read on.
The Tamaskan dogs have a recent history and owe their pedigree to Utonagans, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Huskies and four rescue dogs of unknown origin, and Finnish, wolf-like dogs. The root of Tamaskans goes back to Finland where this breed was developed to get a higher breed of wolfdog that was highly intelligent and had exceedingly working ability. The Tamaskan was registered in 2002 and it was first imported in USA in 2005. Tamsakans popularity had grown over the ages and is today highly appreciated as house dogs.
Blame it on their wolfdog pedigree, the Tamaskans look like wolves with their erect pointed ears and thick wooly fur adding to their wolf-like appeal. They are large athletic looking dogs, a little smaller than German Shepherd and have a furry wooly coat and thick bushy tail that adds to their lupine appearance. They have robust body and are very heavy boned. They have big skull, deep set gaze and amber colored eyes. These double-coated wolfdogs come in three colors - Wolf Grey, Red Grey and Black Grey. The coat is usually straight and dense.
Tamaskans are touted as ideal family dogs because of their gentle, affable, accommodating temperament. They get along exceptionally well with children and are equally amicable towards their other canine mates. They are very intelligent and love to mingle. Because of their agility, compliance and strength, Tamaskans have earned an enviable reputation as working dogs. This breed of wolfdogs likes to move in packs and hates to lead a solitaire life. They can get snappy if left alone for long and may even run away, if bored. These dogs need plenty of mental and physical exercise and should be trained to be a leader.
Genetic Disease
Tamaskans are healthy breed of dogs with few serious health complications to their name. These dogs are most vulnerable to cryptorchidism or undescended testes, epilepsy and hip dysplasia. However, these diseases are rarely found.
Tamaskans need very little grooming and are thus easy to maintain. Occasional combing and brushing every once a week is all it takes to keep the Tamaskans glowing with health. However, the dogs may need more care, when molting.

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