Obedience training for puppies serves as a foundation for advanced commands later on. Read the article to find tips on puppy obedience training.

Obedience Training For Puppies

A well-trained dog is fun to be with. It is not only easier to take an obedient dog out in public, but also unproblematic when it comes to managing guests as well as the pet at home. However, to have such a well-behaved dog, one must start the training, while it is still a puppy. This will not only ensure higher success rates when your dog grows up, but also earn you appreciation and applause from the people around. Moreover, obedience training will change the behavior of your puppy, from not listening to your commands and running away from you to a dog that will jump to work at your slightest indication. Since puppies are totally dependent upon their masters, it is easy to guide, lead and train them. With the right obedience training, you will see your puppy transform from a puppy into a well-behaved dog with a good character, in no time. Read on further to know the tips on puppy obedience training.
Puppy Obedience Training Tips
  • When your puppy does what you ask, make sure you praise and reward it. In case it doesn’t, give it an appropriate correction. This would make the right balance for your puppy, making it aware of what is expected of it and what is not.
  • Do not expect your puppy to obey your command straight away. Give it time to get used to it. Repetition of the command and action is essential for your puppy to understand what it is expected to do, when a particular command is pronounced.
  • Do not punish your puppy for not doing something that it has not been taught properly to do so yet. Be realistic and fair while training your puppy.
  • Have short and sharp sessions for training your puppy. This would be fun for you as well as your puppy.
  • Start off slow. Let your canine master one easy command, before moving on the next. Gradually, building upon the other commands would prove to be simple and easy for your puppy.
  • Remember that you are the master of your puppy. Hence, the training should be such that it respects you and looks upon you for leadership.
  • Inculcate obedience training into your daily routine. Your puppy should perform a “sit” operation when the door opens and closes and before you serve the dinner.
  • Test the obedient commands in different situations, places and with added distractions to check whether or not the dog has properly grasped your training.
  • Avoid correcting your puppy in the mid of an incorrect act. Also, correcting late for an inappropriate behavior shown in the morning or a day before should be avoided as it will only lead to creating confusion in the minds of your puppy, without making any sense to it.
  • Never hit, kick, slap or spank your puppy. This will only create more problems, making the existing ones worse. You will finally end up with a barking, chewing dog that is leery, hand-shy, fearful or aggressive.
  • Use different motivation tools while training your puppy. Treat your puppy with biscuits, cheese, liver, and so on. You can also use gaming equipments such as throw ball, disc and so on to make your pup obedient and well-trained.

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