Like people, even dogs requires proper exercises. Read the article below to know tips and ideas on how to exercise your dog.

Exercise For Your Dog

Lazy masters tend to make their dog lazy as well. With the master not in favor of exercise, the dog is also seldom taken for its customary walk or run. This makes both the master and the dog a prey to all the lifestyle diseases. Dogs are very energetic and exercise is the best way to channel their energy. As in humans, exercising them creates strong bodies and tones up the muscles. In fact, exercising is especially necessay in pet dogs, because unlike their wild counterparts, who are constantly on their toes, they tend to get involved in less movements. They don’t need to ward off predators, nor do they have to hunt for food. As a result, the much needed daily exercise gets missing. No wonder, obesity among dogs is a rising phenomenon, which is very harmful for their health. Exercising a dog is not as difficult as that of humans. A little time spent in running or walking the dog goes a long way in keeping it fit and active. In fact, there are many ways in which you can give your dog a perfect workout. To know more tips and ideas on dog exercises, go through the lines that follow.
Dog Exercise Ideas
  • Take your dog for long walks, one of the best exercises to keep it healthy.
  • While walking the dog, use a flexi-leash, so that you can increase the distance it can go.
  • Make your dog walk at a brisk pace.
  • Running is safe in a fenced field, where you can confidently let the dog off the leash.
  • Running without the leash is ideal, as the dog will be able to run at its own pace and stop when tired.
  • If you jog with the leash, make sure to take frequent rests.
  • This is another very good exercise for dogs and can be undertaken on a regular basis.
  • In swimming, the dog has to support less of its own weight. So, it is especially good for dogs with joint problems.
  • This is perhaps any dog’s favorite game and can turn out to be a very good exercise as well.
  • Throw a tennis ball or a rubber bar to your dog, so that it can run and fetch it.
  • Gradually go on increasing the distance, so that the dog has to run back more to fetch it.
  • If your dog is young, you can throw the ball uphill or up a flight of stairs as well.
  • It does not require much prodding to make a dog jump. Most of the dogs love jumping and making them do this on a regular basis presents a good exercise.
  • Jumps can be made from ordinary materials in the house. For small dogs, you can even use cardboard boxes.
  • Lure the dog with treats and start with low jumps. Also never, force a dog to jump.
  • To reduce stress, keep the height of the jump to the level of the dog’s elbow.
  • While jumping, do not keep the dog on leash.
  • Attach a ball or a toy at the end of a rope. You can also put a squeaky toy in a sock and tie it to the rope.
  • Now, twirl the rope in large circles, so that the dog chases it.
  • To keep up interest, let the dog catch the ball or rope occasionally.
  • It is the best way to give your dog a really good workout, that too in a small space.
  • Most of the dogs love playing Frisbee. However, this exercise is not good for puppies.
  • Throw the Frisbee low to the ground, as the dog may injure itself by leaping up in the air.
  • Use a Frisbee specially made for dogs, as it is softer than the regular ones.
Exercise Balls
  • There are specially made exercise balls for dogs, resembling bowling balls.
  • The balls come in different sizes and are made of hard plastic.
  • Use these balls to play football with your dog. 

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