A garden bridge provides grace and elegance to your landscape. Explore the article below to know how to get the right garden bridge for your landscape.

How To Get The Right Garden Bridge For Your Landscape

For people with a taste in quality decoration, garden bridges are a hot favorite. In the past, garden bridges were a part of the exotic Asian gardens. The gardens of the East almost always had water bodies as it was considered a source of meditation and rejuvenation. Adding a bridge brought in a more aesthetic value to the garden. No doubt adding a garden bridge can transform your landscape, from the unattractive to the elegant. If you are lucky to have a garden with a little fishpond then a garden bridge is the right type of decoration to go for, if you want to highlight the pond. They are available in many sizes and shape which allows you the freedom to choose your own according to your own garden type. And fixing up a bridge in the garden is not that difficult. Only proper planning is required and once you have got it then the bridge will soon follow. Imagine a hot afternoon when you are sitting in the shade, on a beautiful arched bridge, dangling your legs in the water beneath and that too in your own garden. To help you beautify your landscape, go through the article below to know how to choose a garden bridge for your landscape.
Choosing A Garden Bridge
  • To get the right garden bridge you have to consider the size of the garden and the amount of expense you are willing to spare.
  • First of all, select the area where you want to put the garden bridge. To add elegance to the garden it must be placed in such a way that it complements the entire landscape. Merely putting it anywhere is as good as not having a garden bridge at all. A bridge in a garden attracts attention so put it in the place that you would like to highlight.
  • Then decide on the size. Since a bridge takes up space, you should consider just how much space you are willing to cover with the bridge. In addition, proportions matter. A large garden with a small bridge will look out of place, as would a small garden with a huge bridge. You must take appropriate measurements so that it does not fall short if you have to bridge a pond or stream.
  • Garden bridges are very good decorating fixtures over fishponds. So, the materials should be such that it is safe to the fish and water. For this redwood bridges, are excellent.
  • To add style, hand crafted wood bridges are the best. It not only adds to the beauty of the garden but also gives a distinctive character. Handcrafted bridges are also classy but they can be quite expensive. If price is the factor then you can also go for wrought iron bridges.
  • Many people do not attach much importance to the design of the bridge as they consider all the bridges to be the same. However, those who want their bridges to lend a unique feature to the garden should not compromise on the design. It is only the design that will make the bridge stand out.
  • You can also choose bridges with or without railings, ropes, or spindles.
  • Another important thing to consider is the style. You can go for either an arched bridge or a flat one. However, it is the arched bridges that are more elegant. There are a wide variety of bridge styles that you can select from depending on your preferences and taste. Some of the more common styles are wood bridges, wooden footbridges, landscaping bridges, pond bridges, wooden garden bridges, Japanese garden bridges, red wood garden bridges, curved rail bridges, and short post bridges.

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