With dogs becoming a part of every household, dog attacks have become fairly common. Explore the article below to know what to do when a dog attacks you.

What To Do When Dog Attacks You

Since millennia men and dogs have co-existed with each other. This is bound to lead to some friction with the occasional ‘faithfulness’ and ‘best-friend’ stories interspersed with those of dog bites and attacks. Now dog bites are a common phenomenon, especially in countries where stray dogs are a feature of every street. This does not mean that pet dogs have left their attacking and biting instincts. It is just that that pets are more often rendered safe with leash and anti-rabies vaccines. In dog attacks, the chance of infection is the scariest aspect, perhaps more than even those razor sharp teeth. A bite from a rabid dog can result in rabies, which is a deadly disease that has no cure. Once the symptoms develop then it is lethal. The best thing to do after a dog attack is to get properly immunized so that you are immune before the symptoms develop. To know more, go through the article below on what to do after a dog attack.
What To Do After A Dog Attack 
  • First of all try to get away from the dog. Running is not a good option; instead try to get on a higher position where the dog cannot reach you. If possible, try to scare it away with a stick or stone. Run only when no other option is available and run fast.
  • Calm yourself and only then can you think better. Don’t show your teeth that means, don’t smile or bare your teeth, as the dog may take it as a threatening gesture. Slowly try to get away from that place. If you have been bitten then calmness will help in steadying the heartbeat and so help in not spreading the infection. When you are tense, the heart will beat faster which will also make the blood flow fast and this in turn can spread the infection from the wound.
  • If you are not alone and in a group then the best way is to face the dog and scare it, as the larger numbers will frighten it more.
  • If you have been bitten then the first thing to do is to survey the wound and see if it is a minor scratch or a deep wound.
  • Before and after attending the wound, wash the hands thoroughly.
  • If the wound is minor, then wash it with soap and water. After that, apply an antibiotic cream to prevent any infection. And then bandage the wound.
  •  For deep wound, it is necessary to stop the bleeding. For that apply pressure above the wound with a clean cloth and if there is any swelling then apply ice.
  • Now seek medical help. A tetanus shot is very necessary. Go to the doctor and take one.
  • You will also need to take anti-rabies shot as specified by your doctor. If you have been attacked by a pet dog then find out if the animal had been vaccinated properly. Ask the owner for the proof of the dog’s medical records.
  • Sometimes in case of a minor bite by a properly vaccinated dog, the rabies shot may not be necessary.
  • If you have been attacked by a stray dog then you should, without fail, go for anti-rabies shot.
  • You can also have the stray captured and kept for observation for ten days to see if the dog turns rabid.
In Severe Dog Attacks 
  • Make a tea of Echinacea, goldenseal, pau d'arco, and red clover and have it twice a day to prevent infection from dog bites and scratches.
  • Apply goldenseal extract on the affected areas to prevent infection.
  • A very painful remedy is to apply chili powder paste on the wound to neutralize the virus. However, take care as the extreme pain may sometimes cause shock.
  • Apply asafetida powder onto the bite or scratch wound to draw the infection out. The astringent effect of the herb helps to absorb the moisture and the virus.
  • Another effective remedy is to apply fresh onion juice mixed with honey.

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