An important part of keeping your home cozy and comfortable comprises of arranging the furniture in the right way. Read on to explore tips on how to arrange the furniture in your house.

How To Arrange Furniture

If you are among those, for whom arranging furniture means throwing together an expensive Italian couch and an antique oak table in the living room, welcome to the common category! For most of us, arranging furniture just comprises of shopping for it and then putting it together in a room. However, we are unaware of the fact that right arrangement of furniture is essential for not only comfort, but to make sure that our home makes the right style statement.
Have you ever wondered why a certain room of yours is more comfortable and roomy than some others? The answer may be the furniture arrangement. Even if you just want to remodel your home and give it a fresh look, the key lies in arranging the furniture in the right way. It is also requires when you have just moved into a house and want to make it your cozy home. So, whether you have just moved in, just want to refashion your house or just make it more comfy, check out the tips given below and knwo how to arrange your furniture in the best possible way.
Arranging Furniture In Your House 
  • Before you actually start with the furniture arrangement, clear out the space where you want to place it. Take out all the boxes, books and everything else that makes the room cluttery. After the room has been bared, you would know the exact shape and size of it.  
  • Now, with the help of a tape, measure the dimensions of the concerned area, along with the extra space, if any. Keep the placement of doors and windows, the light and the electrical outlets in mind.
  • Choose a focal point, around which you need to arrange the furniture. It should be in a central position, from where the designs will flow. You need to find a feature that draws attention in the room and weave the furniture plan accordingly.
  • Plan out the space where you would keep the heavy pieces and the one that will be occupied with light furniture. While doing so, remember that the furniture should not block pathways; neither should it obstruct the opening of drawers or closets.
  • Balance heavy pieces with small pieces of furniture and don’t keep all of them against walls. If you are arranging living room’s furniture, keep the furniture within eight feet of each other. Place the table as near to all the couches as possible. A distance of twenty inches from couches will be a good option.
  • Don’t overload your room with furniture. A room with few comfortable couches will exude more comfort that the one that has been crammed. Experiment with different settings, until you find the one perfect for you.
  • Keeping in mind the height of your furniture and try to create multi levels within the space. Use color and pattern for their setting. Set the house according to the mood you want to create. If you want to keep it cozy, a few pieces of furniture in subtle colors will do. In case you go for modern décor and want your room to scream attitude, go for bright-hued furniture.
  • If you are placing a television in the room, make sure that it is at a distance of at least eight inches from the sofa. With that, keep your family size in mind. A few pieces of furniture may not work for a large family. On the other hand, if you have a small family, a few pieces will give the necessary aestheticism to the room.
  • Depending on the size of the room, divide the furniture. Large pieces of furniture will make a small room look cramped, while small furniture may give a vacant look to a large room.
  • Arrange the furniture keeping the setting of your house in your mind. Don’t get tempted by furniture setting of your friend’s house, as what worked for her may not work for you. You can take online help or pick inspiration from someone else's furniture setting, but try not sticking to one pattern only.

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