In this article, we have provided some of the best ways for keeping fish aquarium clean. Read these tips and know how to clean a fish tank.

How To Clean Fish Tank

An aquarium or a fish tank can really spruce up the interiors or exteriors of your house or office. Colorful fishes swimming in fresh water can bring the marvel of nature in your surroundings, elevating your mood and filling vibrancy around. However, this pretty picture holds true till the time you take good care of your aquarium and keep it clean. In case of any carelessness, the fish tank will become dirty and the fish will not survive. Thus, if you want to preserve the beauty of your fish tank as well as of the place where it is kept make sure you clean it regularly. Now if you are wondering how to clean a fish tank, this article is the perfect for you. Given below are some tips for keeping a fish aquarium clean.
Best Ways to Clean Fish Tank 
  • Switch off all electrical appliances connected to the fish tank, such as the filter, aeration, lights and water heater.
  • Remove the hood or top covering of the tank and clean it with water and paper towels.
  • To keep the fish temporarily, pour enough water from the fish tank into a separate container, with the help of a cup or bowl.
  • Using a fish net, carefully transfer fish into the temporary container.
  • Scrub the inner walls of the tank with an algae scraper or pad.
  • Take out dirty rocks, artificial plants or other decorative items in the tank. Rinse them well in running tap water and let air dry.
  • With the help of a siphon, clean the gravel and vacuum away the debris settled at the bottom of the tank. When siphoning, remove up to 75 percent of the water if it’s quite dirty. Usually, eliminating 50 percent of the water is sufficient while cleaning an aquarium.
  • Remove and throw soiled filter media. Take out the filter unit and rinse it off with fresh water.
  • Now, fill up the tank with clean tap water.
  • Add chlorine or chloramine remover in the water, available at any major pet store. This removes harmful chemicals present in tap water.
  • Put rocks, artificial plants and garnishing back in the tank. At the same time, switch on all electrical appliances.
  • Reinstall filter and filter media. Switch on filter and let it run for an hour or so. This reduces stress for the fish and normalizes the water temperature.

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