The White English Bulldog is a short fragile and strong breed of dog. Read on to learn more about the White English Bulldog breed.

White English Bulldog

Breed: Working
Height: Male: 21-25 inches; Female: 20-24 inches
Weight: Male: 65-110 pounds; Female: 55-85 pounds
Coat Type: Short and smooth
White English Bulldog is an alert, outgoing and confident breed of dog bred especially for farm utility work. Also known as English White, Southern White, Old Southern White, Hill Bull and American Bulldog, this breed originated in the Southern United States. Apart from being a farm utility dog, the canine serves as a trusted family guardian and companion. The strength, endurance and swiftness of the White English Bulldog make it a great hunting dog as well. This breed requires large open area for running since most of the dogs do not do well in kennels and indoors. These dogs cannot sit idle and need a job to do; else chances are that they might show destructive behavior. The life expectancy of the White English Bulldog is about 10 to 16 years. Read through the following lines to know more about the White English Bulldog breed.
There is no official documentation about the origin of this breed of dog in the United States. However, it is quite certain that this breed was not indigenous to America, prior to the settlers coming from Europe. It is believed that either the British or Spanish brought the canines to America. There is even no record as to whether the dogs were crossed with any other breed of dog. The White English Bulldogs resemble the bulldog prior to 1836. Though the dog has the temperament as that of the old bulldog, it, however, lacks the aggressive nature as the old bulldog reportedly had. The White English Bulldog is the precursor to the American Bulldog. It is a belief that in the 1970s, John D Johnson and Alan Scott had a White English Bulldog that was used by them as a foundation stock for their brand of American Bulldogs.
The White English Bulldog is an old and rare breed of dog with a moderate agile body. It has moderate but powerful legs of average bone. It has well-muscled and well-defined shoulders with a solid neck. The elbows are in line with the shoulders and feet. It does not have a bulging out muscular structure, allowing it an agile and quick movement with a very good endurance. The dog has a coarse coat with slight feathering on back of the hind legs. The dog can be found in different coat colors that include white, with or without patches, shades of reddish brown and all shades of brindle that never cover more than 25% of the body. It has a square head with a noticeable or moderate stop and a square and broad-shaped muzzle. The ears are rolled and flapped. The eyes can be any shade of brown or amber. The feet are round and compact with noticeable webbing between toes. If the tail is not docked, it looks thick at the base and feathered at the end.
The While English Bulldog is a family dog that can be used to protect and guard livestock. The dog is an all-rounder hunter used for hunting large number of small to medium-sized animals. The dog is very loyal and of protective nature towards its master, master’s family, livestock and especially the children. It is a true pack leader being submissive to its handlers. This breed of dog is generally not bred to be a hunting dog, but if required, it suits the criteria due to its quick and agile movement.
Genetic Disease
The White English Bulldog, like its counter parts, suffers from some health issues, although less than most of the other bulldog breeds. Hip dysplasia, deafness, elongated soft pallets and some skin issues are some of the common genetic health problems faced by this breed of dog.
The White English Bulldog does not require much grooming sessions. It has a short smooth coat that can be occasionally brushed, to keep it in good shape. There is no special grooming session required for this breed.

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