The Chippiparai dogs are excellent hunting dogs with a good speed and high levels of intelligence. Read the article to learn all about the Chippiparai dog breed.

Chippiparai Dog

Breed: Sight hound
Height: 27 to 32 inches
Weight: 25 to 30 kilograms
Coat Type: Short and often shiny coat
A native of Southern India, the Chippiparai dogs are also known as “Grey Hounds of South”. This breed is a perfect stranger with its speed and fragile nature. It was initially used to kill pigs that destroyed valuable crops and fields. Thus, this dog became very valuable for the farmers. The Chippiparai is a one-man dog and cannot be considered to be kept as a family companion. It is an independent thinker and does not like to be petted or handled by anyone else other than its master. It can be easily trained and hence, makes an excellent guard dog. It is a breathtaking spectacle and a treat to watch the Chippiparai dog, while running, as it almost floats through the air. Read through the following lines to know more about the Chippiparai dog breed.
The Chippiparai or “Grey Hound of The South” originated in South India. There are few theories that state that this particular breed is a descendant of the Saluki, another sight hound. Today, this breed is found mostly in the areas surrounding Periyar Lake, Kerala. These dogs were used to hunt down deer, hare and wild boar and were even used to kill pigs that destroyed farmers’ crops. The Chippiparai dogs are not only good hunters, but also good guards as well. Howevre, the canines are rapidly running the risk of becoming extinct, as it can be tracked only in a few remote villages. Steps should be taken soon to ensure the survival of the breed. The Chippiparai has not received any recognition by any major kennel club.
Chippiparai dogs are medium-sized dogs, with a tucked up belly and a deep chest. This breed has a very short coat that shines when well-groomed. The coat helps the dog to survive extreme hot climates and also protects against fleas and ticks. The color of the coat is usually silver-grey with very few or no markings. However, variations of grey and fawn can also be found in the coat colors. This breed has a long and fine domed head. It has small ears that are semi-erect, while the eyes are dark and very alert. The canine has long, bony and straight legs. Though the jaws are slim and weak-looking, they are strong and powerful rather. It has a thin, skinny tail that is carried below the body. This breed has an appearance similar to that of the Rampur Hound or the Sloughi.
A Chippiparai is a sprinter and can easily overtake a hare as well. The dog is fast and agile, thereby making it a great hunting dog. The breed is known for hunting and is considered as a one-man dog. It is not advisable to keep this breed as a family companion or pet. The dog dislikes being petted, fed or handled by anyone else, apart from its owner. This breed is not meant for an apartment life and requires large space, allowing it to run and do physical activities.
Genetic Diseases
Chippiparai dog is considered to be a very healthy and hardy breed. However, the dog can be affected with ailments and common health problems like any other breeds of dogs.
Chippiparai dog does not shed much due to its short coat. It is easy to groom and the coat does not require much attention. However, the coat should be brushed occasionally and bathed only when necessary, as frequent bathing can strip natural oils from the dog’s coat.

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