Welsh Terriers is one of the oldest purebreds with British pedigree. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Welsh Terrier Dog

Breed: Terriers
Height: 14. 15.5 inches
Weight: 18-22 lb
Coat: Hard, wiry, tight coat
Welsh Terrier or Welshie, best known for its sportsmanship, is a Celtic breed of terrier dogs that were earlier used as hunters. Today, however, the status of the dog rests much as show-ring dogs. These smart breed of terriers, though strong-willed, makes for affectionate pets. It is easy to confuse Welshies with Wire Fox Terrier or a miniature Airedale, because of the compact built and tan. Nevertheless, these dogs possess unique temperament that makes them stand out from the rest of their creed. Welshies can be really quarrelsome at times. They possess the gaiety, fire and courage of a true terrier, combined with the common sense and dignity of the larger working breeds. It is this blend of unique temperaments that makes Welsh Terriers easy to train and the perfect pet for a family or children. Read on to know more about these breed of dogs.
The Welsh Terrier is one purebred terrier that boasts of English pedigree and extends its roots to the reclusive peaks and valleys of Wales. Presumed to be the progeny of the Black and Tan Rough Terrier and the Old English Terrier, Welsh Terrier was originally bred to hound foxes, otters and badgers and exterminate vermin. The Welsh Terrier, which is famous as a show dog today, was actually a late inclusion in the lineup of British show dogs and was officially recognized only in the 1800s. The English Kennel Club recognized the Welsh Terrier in the year 1886. Two years later, in 1888, the dog was first brought to the United States, where it won eminence in the American Kennel Club. As it graduated from being a hunter to a show dog, the Welsh Terrier underwent physical changes to suit its ‘showy’ status. The canine was bred with Wire Fox Terrier to produce the present day Welsh Terrier, which is believed to be an almost compact look-alike of the miniature Airedale Terrier.
The sturdy, compact Welsh Terrier is a rugged looking, medium-sized dog with wiry coarse coat. It has a tanned head and underbody and a rectangular appearance that adds to the size and length. The dog stands out with its ‘brick-like’ contour, which is further enhanced by the grizzly beard and whiskers. The double-coat protects the dog from dirt, rain and wind, apart from keeping it warm. Although Welsh Terriers are usually born black in color, they tan as they grow up. They have small, almond shaped eyes, V-shaped ears, powerful jaw lines, tight black lips and a confident countenance. Their tail is customarily docked, adding to their long demeanor.
The Welsh Terrier has a unique personality. Intelligent, independent, alert and high-spirited, these dogs are friendly in nature and make enjoyable companions for kids. They are inquisitive by nature and are quite courageous and energetic too. Welsh Terriers make way for great family pets, because of their amiable demeanor and desire to please. They are adaptable to both city and country environments. It is extremely important to train a Welsh terrier, since lack of discipline can make the dog unsure, aggressive and stubborn. Welsh Terriers love to swim and are true to their nature burrow holes.
Genetic Disease
Welsh Terriers have a life expectancy of 10-12 years and although they usually show no signs of genetic deformity or disorder. The dogs are vulnerable to eye problems and skin irritations.
Since Welsh Terriers are non-shedding dogs, it is important to groom them once in a while. It is important to brush the thick coat of the canine several times in a week. Also, since Welsh Terrier is a popular show dog, it is important to keep its whiskers and coat trimmed and maintained.

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