Building a compost bin is very easy and requires less time. With the instructions given in this article, you will know how to build a compost bin.

Building Compost Bin

Do you want to use natural fertilizer for the plants in your garden? If yes, then making a compost in your backyard will be a nice idea. You can make good manure out of leftover food, peels of fruits and vegetables, crushed eggshells, paper products and the dirt present in the garden. A good container is all that will be needed to decompose the products. This container is called the compost bin. You can build it easily, in your backyard only. The process of building a compost bin requires very less time and labor. You can know how to accomplish the task in the following lines.
How To Build A Compost Bin
Things Required 
  • Plastic Bin
  • Hand Drill
  • Shovel 
  • Purchase a plastic bin, with a tight fitting lid. The lid of the container should be about 24 inches in diameter.
  • Make 10 small holes at the bottom of the bin, using a hand drill. This provides ventilation for the container.
  • Make two to three holes on the sides of the bin as well.
  • Make the base layer by spreading dry leaves at the bottom of your compost bin. The leaves should fill at least one-fourth of the bin.
  • Collect dirt from your garden and place it on top of the layers of dry leaves. This should fill half portion of the compost bin.
  • Fill the bin with food scraps, papers, peels of fruits and vegetable, crushed egg shells, etc.
  • Cover the food scraps with a layer of dirt, collected from the garden.
  • Prepare the compost by stirring it a little bit, using a shovel.
  • Sprinkle a little amount of lukewarm water into the material. Make sure that you do not soak the material wet.
  • Pierce ten holes on the lid of the compost bin, using a hand drill.
  • Close the compost bin with the lid.
  • While you add food scraps to the compost bin, everyday, do not forget to give it a stir now and then. This will increase the pace of decomposition of food scraps.
  • Your compost will be ready after three months.Use it as manure for the plants grown in your garden.

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