Your squeaky bed springs will need some repair to stop making that shrill sound right in the middle of the night. Explore the article to find some useful tips on how to fix squeaky bed springs.

How To Fix Squeaky Bed Springs

Are you struggling to get a sound sleep, as your bed makes a shrill sound the moment you take a turn? Squeaky bed springs can interrupt your sleep, making you feel drowsy and tired in the morning, rather than fresh and active. The best way to get rid of the bedspring squeaks is to simply fix them up, once and for all. You will have to begin with determining the actual problem that is causing the squeaks and then take the corrective measures. This article brings you some useful tips on how to repair squeaky bed springs. Read on and help yourself to an undisturbed sleep in the night.
How To Repair Squeaky Bed Springs
  • You need to check your mattresses and box springs. Normally, a mattress can last for about five years, but it may also wear down quickly, depending on how you treat it. If you are able to feel the spring through the mattress, or if the springs are sticking out of the box springs, it indicates that you need to replace it right now.
  • If your mattresses are lopsided, they may be account for squeaky bed springs. Check the placement of your mattress. It should be directly centered over the box spring. Over time, the mattress may dislocate and may be the cause of the midnight squeaks. If this is the problem, fix it at the earliest.
  • Check to figure out whether the frame of your bed is proper or not.  There may be some screws and bolts missing therein, causing the squeak. The bed frame will squeak even if the nuts and bolts have loosened. Remove the screws of your bed one at a time and rub them with a dry soap. This will help with the squeaks, by filling the creases of the screws. To prevent the metal bolts and screws from rubbing against the metal bed frame, add plastic washers in between the pieces. Keep replacing each bolt before you take another one out.
  • Lubricating the springs can also help you with the squeaks. Spray some cooking oil or some other lubricant on the springs. If you can identify the particular spring that is causing the squeak, you can spray the oil on that one only. If you can't, spray it on all the springs. You will need to re-lubricate the springs whenever the lubricant wears off.
  • Do check whether the legs supporting the bed are properly secured and accurately centered or not. If the legs of your bed are crooked, even a small movement on the bed will cause squeaks.
  • If nothing is working, you can change your bed springs as the last resort, by removing the fabric of your mattress from the bottom. 
Some Tips
  • Turn the mattresses over every few months, to keep them in a good condition. It will also help prolong the life of the mattress. And you won't end up looking for ways to get rid of squeaks, if your mattresses are in a good shape.
  • Get a sturdy bed frame. Though it costs a bit more, it also lasts long and is less likely to make noise.

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