A braided lanyard adds a beauty to the object it is attached to. Read the article below to learn how to make a braided lanyard.

How To Make A Braided Lanyard

If you are someone with ‘losing things’ genes embedded in, or has difficulty finding small things like keys and spectacles then a lanyard is the thing for you. By attaching your things to yourself with a lanyard, you can rest in peace without worrying about getting them lost. And this is not only for people who are natural forgetters. Many of us one time or the other forget our mobile phones, keys or wallets just because we lose our concentration for a few seconds. So, it is always better to take precaution. Well and good, but the only cause of worry is that you would rather risk the chance of losing your cell than hang it with a piece of cord around your neck. After all your expensive mobile must also go along with something, that complements it. And also your fashion sense is at stake. This is when you should take the matter in your hand and make the lanyard itself be a fashion statement. Braiding it is the best and the most attractive way. It is also easy and inexpensive. A beautifully braided lanyard can be a good addition to your personality while also performing the important function of keeping your things to you. To help you make a stylish lanyard read the article below to learn the tips on braiding a lanyard.
Tips On Braiding A Lanyard
Materials Needed
You will need the following materials:
  • Four lanyard cord in several colors
  • A bithane lighter or torch
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Accessories 
The number of accessories that can be used is unlimited. The important ones are:
Plastic Accessories
  • This accessory is a quick detach string connector in which the left piece can be removed from the right by pressing on the clasp. The lanyard is attached to the left side and the object on the right.
  • In this lanyard connector, the lanyard is attached to each piece and the connector is melted and closed.
  • This is used to join one strand of the lanyard or both the strands of one end. The strands are inserted inside it and the zipper closed.
  • This is a lanyard lock to adjust the length of the cord. The ball cord lock has a spring to keep the cord in place and it can be sided to adjust the size. 
Metal Accessories
  • Metal accessories like split rings are required for key chain
  • Also clips in different sizes. 
Braiding Lanyard
  • Take three strands and secure them together with a loose knot after leaving 20 inches off.
  • Now braid the strands for about 6 inches and then secure with another loose knot.
  • Now take the fourth strand and placing it along the side wrap it around the next strand in a series of loop.
  • The strand in which the fourth side is looped should be considered the bottom and selecting the primary color (which stays on the front) begin the stitch. Keep the same strand in front of the standing lines.
  • The first few stitches should be tight and the rest loose to create a smooth taper.
  • The number of stitches depends upon the length of your lanyard. For a soft lanyard, make the stitch loose. However, don’t make it too loose or too tight.
  • Focus on keeping one side of the stitch even.
  • Once the desired length is achieved, make a loop with one of the strands. It best to use the shortest and a different colored one.
  • Tighten the last two stitches. Secure one strand by hitching it out of the standing line.
  • Now again take three of the strands and braid it to exactly the same length as the first one.
  • Consider the front and back of the lanyard before beginning on the final braid.
  • To join the two ends, take the lanyard in one hand and using the four strands make a spiral braid. Take care to make the braid tight.
  • According to your choice make it either long or short but it should be about 5 inches from the junction to the bottom.
  • For finishing, loop out each strand, each of a different color and in the remaining two tie a knot.
  • To keep the ends from fraying, burn the ends a little with a lighter, until they melt and then rub gently on a hard surface.

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