Bracco Italiano is a large, strong, muscular and active dog resembling a bloodhound and a basset. Explore this article to know more about Bracco Italiano dogs.

Bracco Italiano Dogs

Breed: Gun Dog
Height: Male: 58-67 cm, Female: 55-62 cm
Weight: 25-40 kg
Coat Type: Short, dense and glossy
Bracco Italiano, also known as Italian Pointer and Italian Setter, is a versatile gun dog that originated in Italy. Solidly built, this breed gives an appearance of lean and muscular strength. The dog was originally used for tracking, retrieving and pointing, while it serves as a gundog and companion in field trials at present. Easy to train, Bracco Italiano is intelligent, eager to learn and keen to please. Since the dog is sensitive, the training process should be carried out gently. The dog has a lifespan varying from 9 to 15 years. Read through the following lines to know more about the Bracco Italiano dog breed.
Bracco Italiano dog is an ancient breed, with reference in paintings and writings dating back to the 4th and 5th century. The dog is known to be a crossbred between a Segugio Italiano (a coursing hound) and an Asiatic Mastiff. The breed has two variations - one that originated in Piedmont and was thus, known as the Piedmontese Pointer and the other that originated in Lombardy and thus, named Lombard Pointer. Bracco Italiano dogs were initially used for hunting feathered games. Their population decreased towards the end of 1800s and the beginning of 1900s. In 1949, S.A.B.I. (Societa Amatori Bracco Italiano) recognized the breed in Lodi, Italy. The breed was brought to England in 1989. In the United States, it is not yet very popular. Till date, these dogs are few in number.
The Bracco Italiano has a muscular and square built, with a thin face and freckles all over the body. The chin and neck has prominent wrinkled, hanging skin. The nose can vary from brown to pink in color, while the tail is tapering. The long and drooping ears perk up when the dog is eagerly listening. The Bracco Italiano can be found in two distinct colors: the Lombard Pointer is brown and white, while the Piedmont is orange and white. The common colors are white with orange, having chestnut or amber patches on the face, ears, and base of tail. The dog has a short, dense and fine coat, with a glossy fur.
Bracco Italiano dogs are affectionate, faithful, loving, easy going, intelligent, and avid workers. They make peaceful home pets as well. Although they are athletic and powerful in appearance, they can be stubborn and sensitive at times. These dogs are obedient, loyal and work strongly in the fields. Since Bracco Italiano dogs love to be around people, they enjoy a strong bond with their owners. They get along well with other animals as well and make a great companion for children. With adequate exercise, these dogs can even adapt to living in a flat.
Genetic Diseases
Bracco Italiano dogs are susceptible to health problems like entropion, hip dysplasia, kidney disease and bloat.
The short and fine coat of Bracco Italiano dogs should be groomed with a bristle brush and polished with chamois leather. Once or twice a week, the dogs must be brushed with a grooming mitt, to remove dead or loose hair.

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