One of France’s oldest pointing dogs; the Braque Francais has two breeds, Gascogne and Pyrenees. Explore this article to know more about Braque Francais dogs.

Braque Francais Dogs

Breed: Hunting
Height: Gascogne: 22-27 inches, Pyrenees: 18.5-23.5 inches
Weight: Gascogne: 55-70 pounds, Pyrenees: 39.5-55 pounds
Coat Type: Short and thick
An ancient pointing dog, the Braque Francais dog is an old type of gun dog used for pointing the location of game birds for a hunter. The dog is intelligent and sensitive which makes it extremely easy to train and to own as a pet. The breed has been divided into two types based on its size. The small one is called Pyrenees type while the larger one is called Gascogne type. The dog is often confused with an heir of its older French cousin, the British Pointer. It is also known as a “French Pointer” or “French Pointing Dog”. Read on further to know more about the Braque Francais dog breed.
The Braque Francais originated in the 15th century in Southwest France and Central Pyrenees. These dogs, over the centuries, were taken to other countries where they were crossed with other breeds. In the 19th century, two separate regional varieties were found which were thought to be descended from the Old Spanish Pointer or Pachon Navarro and the now extinct Southern Hound. In 1850, the first Braque Francais breed club was formed and the breeds were recognized in 1880. The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes only one breed, Pyrenees while the United Kennel Club recognizes both the breeds.
Both the breeds of Braque Francais dogs have long legs and long drop ears. Their heads are usually brown. They have a short, chestnut brown or white spectacled with brown coat color with one or more large brown spots. The coat of Gascogne is thick while Pyrenees has a shorter and fine coat as compared to the Gascogne. Pyrenees has a slightly broader head with not so long ears. On the other hand, Gascognes have ears pulled forward reaching the tip of the nose. the Gascogne has a square muzzle while the Pyrenees has a narrow one.
Due to their kind character and eagerness to please their masters, the Braque Francaises adapt well to the family life. They are a soft breed and described as friendly, sociable, gentle and submissive. They are versatile hunting dogs that can retrieve, flush and trail game in all sorts of terrain. They make good companions and blend well with other dogs and children. The Pyrenees is a quick dog that can move fast without sprinting while Gascogne is a comparatively slower moving dog.
Genetic Diseases
Not much has been documented about specific diseases or claims of extraordinary health regarding the Braque Francais dogs. But, few diseases like ectropion, entropion and hip dysplasia have been found.
The Braque Francais does not require much attention on its coat. An occasional rub down is sufficient for the dog.

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