Stink bugs target places that have a lot of light and warmth to hibernate in the cold season, especially your homes. Explore the article to know the tips on how to get rid of stink bugs.

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs invade homes as they find these places to have lots of light and warmth in order to hibernate in winters. They can be found in curtains, drawers, laundry or bedding. If not in your home, they can be seen in your garden making a mess on your precious flowers. They do not cause widespread damage to the garden foliage but spoil them by laying clusters of yellow-colored eggs. They are named ‘stink’ bugs because they release a foul-smelling odor to defend themselves from being eaten by birds and other animals. The odor helps them come back to their favorite spot and camp there for a long time. Read through the following lines to know the tips for getting rid of stink bugs.
Tips For Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs
Manual Removal
Most of the stink bug colonies and egg clumps can be found at the underside of the leaves. Wear plastic gloves and scoop out the bugs and their eggs using a plastic container. Although, this method is slow and tiresome, it is effective in removing large colonies of stink bugs without spending anything substantial.
Indoor Protection Methods
  • Seal all cracks around the doors and window rims. Permanently seal the sidings and utility pipes with silicone-based latex or caulk. Seal the attic vents with screens.
  • Dust the interior spaces with a chemically-formulated insecticidal powder that are likely to be damaged and develop cracks. The dust will settle in places like attics and kill any invading stink bugs. 
Pest Control Measures
  • Hire professionals who can handle complex pesticides to remove bugs from inside your home. They use aerosol-based pesticides that are airborne and penetrate deep inside any crevice. You will have to vacate the home for at least a day and can prove to be expensive.
  • For controlling stink bugs outside your home, spray external-application pesticides in the garden. These pesticides should be applied regularly as they vaporize very quickly. 
Setting Herbicidal Traps
Baited traps lined with preparations retailed specifically for stink bugs are available. The trap is made of a plastic container filled with some spinach leaves. Dip the leaves in herbicidal pest-removal preparation recommended for soy fields before placing them in the container. The preparation help in eliminating stink bugs as soy fields are most vulnerable to them.
Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum cleaners effectively suck the pesky stink bugs that manage to enter your home. After you have sucked the bugs, seal the bag immediately and throw it somewhere far away. You can also squash them while they are in the bag and throw them in the landfill. Do not keep the bag full of squashed stink bugs around the house.
Spreader Sticker
Since a bug’s outer skin is tough, it may not be easily vulnerable to normal sprays. Hence, use a spreader sticker that will allow the pesticide to penetrate much faster. Spray the treatment up high outside your house and let it drip down for complete and thorough coverage. This will provide an invisible wall of defense not allowing the stink bugs to penetrate through.

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