Dunker dog is a Norwegian breed created during the 19th century. Explore this article to know all about Dunker dogs.

Dunker Dogs

Breed: Hound
Height: 18.5-22.5 inches
Weight: 35-49 pounds
Coat Type: Short, thick and straight  
Dunker dog is a medium-sized strong structured dog with a well-balanced temperament and gentle manners. Also known as the Norwegian Hound, the Dunker is an elegant breed of dog that takes the sleekness of a sighthound and the rippling muscles of a scent hound. The breed is known for its unique and distinctive coloring. The dog has an appearance that exudes power and great endurance. These qualities make this breed the most suitable home companion. Due to its independent nature, the dog can be quite challenging to train. When socialized from young, this breed gets along well with other dogs and animals. Read on further to know more about the Dunker dog breed.
Dunker dog is known to have originated in Norway. During the 1820s, a Norwegian breeder named Wilhelm Dunker thought of creating a scent hound, having the characteristics of patience and pace, similar to that of a sighthound. He crossed an Anglo-Russian Hound (Harlequin Hound) with indigenous dogs, which resulted in a Dunker. Named after Wilhelm Dunker, the breed is recognized in Norway and preferred by hunters due to its ability of hunting rabbits, hares and other games, using its sense of smell rather than sight. The breed has been recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). However, the breed is rare outside Norway even today.
Dunker is a medium-sized dog with a powerful build, which gives the impression of strength and endurance. It has a slightly domed skull with a well-defined stop. It has a long square muzzle and a black nose with wide open nostrils. The rounded tipped ears are smooth and wide and hang close to the head. The dark round eyes give out a calm bright and serious expression. The tail is carried straight with a slight upward curve and is thick at the base, tapering to the end. The dog has a straight and dense coat that is rough to the touch. The coat can be found in two varieties, a blue coat with a marbled pattern or a tan or warm brown coat. A dog with a tan color often has a large black saddle.
Dunker dog is a friendly, relaxed, kind and even-tempered breed. The breed gets along well with kids, especially if socialized from a young age. Due to its robust and energetic nature, the dog can adapt well to different kinds of terrain. Since dunker is an independent breed, it can be quite difficult to train this dog. Though it can easily tolerate other dogs, the canine has a tendency of chasing smaller pets, due to its strong prey drive for smaller prey. This breed should be provided with sufficient exercise on a regular basis. Dunker dogs make a good companion on long walks. They can easily adjust to apartments, provided they are given enough space to run around and play.
Genetic Diseases
Dunker dogs have no records of genetic health concerns. However, some dogs are known to suffer from hip dysplasia.
Since the Dunker dog has a short coat, it does not require extensive maintenance. The coat of the dog should be brushed or wiped with a cloth on a regular basis to get rid of dirt.

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