If you thought that concrete paint removal was something that you could not accomplish on your own, then reading the following on how to remove paint from the concrete will leave you with some cues.

Concrete Paint Removal

Whether you are looking to add on a fresh coat of tint to your ageing concrete or just bored of your battleship gray concrete drive, refurbishing your concrete walkway, driveway, patio and even floors can be easier said than done. Before you get on with your efforts to jazz up your concrete drab, just consider doing away with your peeling, flaking and chalking concrete paint beforehand. Now removing paint from your concrete is some ordeal and it usually takes more than just a backbreaking scrub to do away with the concrete gauche. Before you hurriedly rush to your neighborhood store and get professional help, know that removing paint from the concrete surface is something that you can easily accomplish on your own without blowing away big bucks on any professional. All you need is a little expertise and some essential tools to begin with. Here are some useful techniques to bail you out of your woe. Read on to know more on this.
How To Remove Paint From Concrete
No matter how much you swathe your gray slab of concrete with faux finishes and epoxy elegance, your concrete is prone to ‘wear and tear’, and this can turn your spectacular pad into an eyesore. If you are looking for ways to strip off the cracking paint from your concrete, then sandblasting should successfully answer your despair! One of the easiest, if not the peachiest ways to polish off the worn out paint, sandblasting is a practical solution for anyone looking to bump off a tidy sum of paints from their house surface without blowing away big bucks.  However, this is not a feasible option for more fragile surfaces since the high-velocity power of sand particles can ruin its texture. It is best to take a small patch test to check how well your concrete stands to the abrasive assault of sandblasting before plowing ahead with the project.
Shot blasting
Another heavy-handed way to bump off the bubbles, cracks and chipping paint from your concrete surface is to pelt it off with metal shots. Shot blasting, unlike sandblasting, employs tiny metal beads to polish off the paint from the surface. But mind you! Shot blasting is not meant for your cherished outer walls or stained concrete patios. Shot blasting is abrasive in nature and can corrode your concrete surface if not done with extreme care. However, if you are game for adding interesting profiles and designs to your otherwise boring cemented walls, then using a shot blaster can leave you with exciting patterns to die for.
Pressure Cleaning
Bored of your old color and wish to add a new hue to your home? Before you get on with your brushes and paints, just scrape off the old paint using high-power water jets to help the new coats stay on for long. Pressure washer contains high-pressure jets that help to etch out the paint residues from the concrete. You can start with wide nozzle water jets and gradually move on to narrow nozzle to knock out the paint without fraying your metal and wooden merging.
Chemical Removers
If you are looking for a convenient, non-messy way to get rid of your concrete paint without damaging the surface, then using a chemical remover should work for you. Just get hold of a chemical peeler from any hardware shop, grab on a safety gear, goggles, thick rubber gloves and wide brushes and you are good to go. Just brush the chemical on the concrete and wait for the paint to crinkle. Now scrape off the loose paint and the debris and rinse off the concrete surface with cold water.

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