Concrete countertops are durable, easy to maintain and clean. But when they get cracked, repairing them becomes essential. Read this article to find tips on how to fix a concrete countertop.

How To Fix Concrete Countertops

These days, concrete has been increasingly used to make kitchen countertops. Since it is durable, easy to use and clean, concrete finds its place in many corners of the home, right from floors to fireplaces to countertops. Concrete is gorgeous, hip and customizable and is perfect for enhancing the beauty and versatility of a countertop. Being durable and resilient, concrete countertops are used extensively in outdoor kitchens. Aesthetically pleasing, it blends well with a wide variety of different outdoor decor. Though it adds earthiness to a kitchen, the tendency to get stained, cracked or chipped, makes it important to take proper care of the concrete countertop. Coincidently, repairing a concrete countertop is as easy as it looks. The best part is you do not have to spend sums of money to hire a professional refinisher to get your countertop look afresh again. You can fix your problematic concrete countertop at home all by yourself. Read further to gets tips on how to fix concrete countertops.
Tips For Repairing A Concrete Countertop
Keeping your concrete countertops away from any problem is the best way to prevent damage caused to them. Never cut food directly on the countertop, as it might result in the chipping of the countertop. The seal can also be damaged due to this. Instead, use a chopping or cutting board for the purpose.
Seal the Counter
Repair the seal in the concrete on a regular basis to prevent further damage to the countertop. Apply a sealer to the concrete countertop as directed by the manufacturer. Reapply as stated on the packet.
Reapply wax on a regular basis to seal the countertop and keep it new and afresh. Pour some water on the surface of the concrete countertop, to check if new wax sealer is required or not. In case the water beads, the wax seal do not need any replacement, but if it doesn’t, the wax sealer should be reapplied.
In case the wax seal is damaged, rub the area with pads to repair the surface. Thereafter, reapply wax. However, if the surface becomes stained, remove the stain using diamond pads. Diamond pads are available in the range of 800-, 1200-, 1500- or 3000- grits.
Wipe the countertop surface and use one of the grit pads to rub the area, adding some water. Continue rubbing till the water becomes cloudy. Wipe off the water and check if the stain has vanished. If it has, clean and dry the countertop and apply wax.
In case the stain has not yet been removed, trying removing it using an 800-grit pad. Scrub the stain by working in large circles. While doing so, check whether the stain has been removed. Make sure that you do not over scrub the stain, thus ruining the countertop furthermore.
Remove Chips
In case the edges of the countertop have been chipped off, reshape it using a grinder. After that, polish the area and reapply seal and wax. Allow the seal to dry overnight, before you restart using your repaired countertop again.

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