Most of us do not know how to test a light socket, which is quite an easy task. To know how to test a bulb socket, read the article below.

How To Test A Bulb Socket

Electricity is one the most blessed inventions done by the human brain. Since its very inception, electricity has become an inevitable and indispensable part of our lives. The darkness of the night hours no longer seems to haunt human imagination, as the flick of a button brings light to all the shady corners, thereby diffusing all the fears. Though all of us know the importance of light in our daily life, most of us do not even know how to handle small and basic electrical items, such as bulb sockets. However, what we do not realize that preliminary knowledge of testing and changing sockets can prove to be extremely helpful and save ourselves from unwarranted situations. Thus, to know how to test a light or bulb socket, read the easy steps given below.
How to Test a Light Socket 
  • The first and foremost thing you will require while testing a bulb or light socket is a continuity tester.
  • To initiate the process, firstly remove the bulb from the socket.
  • After this, squeeze the outer shell of the socket at the base. Be careful as well as gentle.
  • Now, slowly and diligently take out the insulating sleeve of the socket.
  • To start testing, clip one of its wires to a plug blade and touch the probe device to the silver screw on the socket.
  • Now, clip the wire of the tester to the other plug blade and again touch the probe to the silver screw.
  • After this, holding the tester on the plug blade, touch the probe to the bronze screw on the socket.
  • If the socket is working, then it will light up in any one of the above cases.
  • If the tester does not light, then one should understand that the cord is at fault and should be changed.
  • To check the socket, clip the wire of the tester to the threaded collar and touch the probe to the brass screw.
  • Turn the switch of the lamp on and off. If the socket is fine, then the tester will also go on and off.
  • If the tester does not illuminate, then the socket needs to be changed.

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