In case you are using a gas barbecue for the first time, it is very necessary to be aware of how to ignite it safely. Read on get some great tips on how to light a gas BBQ.

How To Light A Gas Barbeque

The barbeque season is just around the corner and you are extremely excited about using you new gas barbeque. You purchased it hardly a few days back and are all set to churn up some delicious and lip-smacking recipes, for your family members and friends to appreciate. Before you start a culinary journey on the gas barbecue, make sure you have a complete idea of using it, which begins with the procedure of lighting it safely. In order to help you out with the first and foremost step of barbequing on a gas barbeque, we have provided some tips below. Read on and know how to ignite a gas barbecue.
How to Light a Gas Barbeque 
  • Before starting anything, it is advisable for you to read the safety instructions that have come with the barbeque.
  • Next, check out the connection between the propane tank and grill, to make sure that it does not provide any chances of a leek.
  • Move your gaze to the front of your gas grill and locate the igniter button.
  • Remove the grill cover and make sure that heat deflector is in place and allows access to light the burner.
  • Using the knob on your grill, start one burner. This step will make the propane gas move toward the burner connected to that knob.
  • Now, you need to set the temperature. It can be set anywhere from "low" to "high", depending upon your cooking needs.
  • Pressing the igniter button, start a flame.
  • In case the flame doesn't come up, turn off the gas for a few minutes.
  • Next, turn the gas on and with the help of a manual barbecue lighter, light the grill burner.
  • For using manual barbecue lighter, hold it up to the burner and press to light.
  • After you have managed to light the first burner, use the same process to light all the other ones.
  • Now, close the grill lid for a few minutes, before cooking your food. It will allow the heat to build up.
  • After your cooking is over, turn all the burner knobs to the "off" position.
  • Finally, make sure that the cylinder valve on the propane tank is set to "off," as well.

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