Long stem roses are beautiful flowers that can be grown at home. Check out tips on how to grow long stem roses.

Growing Long Stem Roses

One of the prettiest flowers is the long stem rose. They can be purchased at any florist and are known for their exceptional beauty and grace. Have you always wanted your garden to have a blossom of long stem roses? The good news is that growing long stem roses is pretty much possible at your own garden. However, to attain the quality your florist has will take some good amount of time. In order to know how to grow long stem roses in your own garden, you need to know certain tips that would help you achieve the desired results. Here’s how to grow long stem roses. 
  • One of the most effective ways for growing a long stem rose is by pruning. If you already have a rose plant, carefully prune off the side buds that usually surround a central bud. This will make the central bud grow larger and give a bigger blossom. Also, cut off the surrounding branches and keep one big bud per stem.
  • Water is very essential, I repeat, very essential for growing long stem roses. On an average, the long stem rose plant may require 1-3 inches of water per week. So make sure you irrigate the plant regularly and if the weather is hot, don’t let the soil dry up. Also, take a spray bottle and spray the bud when it blossoms so as to keep away dust.
  • The long stem rose plant will require a decent amount of fertilizer and humus in order to receive nourishment. Choose a fertilizer that is exclusively for roses or for flowers. Use the amount that is indicated. Anything more than that will burn out the plant and anything less than that will not nourish the plant.
  • Climate optimization is also required for growing roses. Of course, this means that professional gardeners will only be able to grow long stem roses in greenhouse conditions. However, you can also have some amount of climate control by keeping the plant away from direct sunlight and keeping a shade above it, if sunlight falls on it too harshly.

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