Killing mold fungus is the best way to get rid of the infested molds in high moisture zones. With this article, get effective tips on how to kill mold fungus.

How To Kill Mold Fungus

With the arrival of the wet months starts the problem of mold fungus as well. They can easily invade your home and are mostly found around windows and doors. However, did you know mold fungus can be found in almost any location, even inside the air conditioners! Though the markets are virtually flooded with products that claim to clean your house of the fungus, you can achieve the results by using simple household products as well. And the best part about this is you do not even have to shell out a fortune. While sunlight is the natural and the safest way to rid of molds, you can also go for soapy solution. To start the process, remove all the unwanted materials that are present in the affected area. Keeping the room closed until the molds are cleaned is the best bet. This would disallow a spread of mold into other rooms. In the following lines, we have provided effective tips on how to kill mold fungus completely. Please follow the step-by-step procedure; else mold fungus would find a way back to your house.
How To Get Rid Of Mold Fungus
Materials Required 
  • Scrub Brush
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Towel or Wet Vacuum
  • Vacuum or Broom & Dust Pan 
  • The first step towards killing mold fungus would be to remove organic debris. These may be large pieces of debris, such as dirt, food crumbs, leaves, and so on. You can either remove them by broom or use vacuum cleaner for the purpose. Do not use disinfectant, as they become inactive when exposed to organic debris.
  • Now, make a soapy solution using detergent and water. Make sure that you add enough detergent to make the solution a foamy one.
  • Using a scrub brush, scour the area with the soap and water solution. This helps in removing the organic debris, by physically killing mold fungus and damaging its structure.
  • After scrubbing the area, rinse it thoroughly to remove all the traces of soap. In certain places, rinsing with water cannot be an option. In such a case, dry the area using a wet towel or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, mix bleach with water, as per the instructions on the bleach container, which will let you know the concentration needed for the surface area you are cleaning.
  • The last step would be to apply the bleach solution liberally to the area and let dry. This will further kill the mold or fungus, through chemical reactions. Before applying the bleach solution, ensure that you rinse off the soapy solution completely. 
  • In case you cannot leave the area to dry, wait for about 10 minutes before mopping it off with a towel or wet vacuum. 
  • Do not scrub the area with the bleach solution.
  • For surfaces that are delicate and might get stained or corroded from bleach solution, the best bet would be to avoid using it or use an alternative instead.
  • Make sure not to mix the soapy solution with the bleach solution, as this fusion can create toxic fumes.
  • Alcohol can be a good way to kill mold occurring on leather item. All you need to do is rub the affected are with a cotton pad that has been dipped in alcohol.
  • For kitchen and bathroom area, use water and vinegar solution. This would be effective in removal of mold fungus.

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