Let your house make a bold statement with Mexican inspired interiors. Read the article to know how you can incorporate Mexican home decorating ideas into your home.

Mexican Interior Design

If you want to add a welcoming and lively touch to your house, then Mexican interior design will be the right option for your home. Since its introduction during the Spanish colonial period, this design has become increasingly popular. Mexican designs are vibrant and quirky. However, before you incorporate this style in your room, make sure that you can handle the bold colors which are a typical feature of Mexican designs. Don’t rush into designing. Take time to absorb and understand the style, so that you can experiment with it more freely. Mexican themed décor provides a comforting and energizing touch to homes, at a cost which is well within the budget of most people. Here are some ideas which might come in handy while decorating your interiors in Mexican style.
Mexican Home Decorating Ideas
Go Mexican is the clue! Experimenting with bright colors, such as blue, deep red, green, terracotta, pink and ochre, is an ideal bet for this scheme. You can paint the walls in multiple colors. Use one color for the upper half and another for the lower half. This will add a unique touch to your interiors. You can also experiment with different painting techniques, which are in tune with this style. By using stucco plaster effect or suede effect, you can give the room a textured and layered look.
Mexican furniture is made primarily from soft Mexican pine, but occasionally cherry and walnut pieces can also be seen. Mexican furniture designs incorporate elements of Spanish, Mayan and Chinese style. Sturdy, antique pine pieces give a traditional look. In addition to the warm shade of pine, Mexican furniture is brightly painted in deep colors like red, orange and blue. Tabletops can be inlayed with fieldstone, hand painted tiles or hammered copper. Dark iron hardware such as hinges, knobs and brackets complete the look. Use natural material like leather, reeds, rattan and rushes for your furniture. Natural waxed wood finish brings out the warmth and color of the wood and remains the most popular finish for Mexican furniture.
Traditional Mexican folk art, pottery, tapestries or tiles are a great way to add some additional splashes of color to the room. Traditional Mexican folk art includes wooden carvings, statues, religious art and hand-crafted ornaments. Elaborately decorated skulls and skeletons are also a typical element of a Mexican design. You can decorate the walls with hand woven wall-hangings, made of metal like tin and copper, ornate mirrors, terracotta plaques or tiles and mosaic borders. You can place Mexican pottery with geometric patterns or traditional colored Mexican basket at various places, to add a more rustic touch. Hang Mexican masks on the walls to complete the look. Try a muted and soft lighting scheme with candles and shaded lamps.
Go with natural and hard flooring for your Mexican inspired interiors. Tiles are a more convenient option, since they can be stripped and refinished over and over to fully restore a new floor look. Moreover, Mexican tiles are handcrafted and each tile has a unique look. These imperfections and variations will contribute towards adding character to your room. You can use limestone, clay tiles or ceramic tiles for your floor. Choose tiles which have an earthy tone like terracotta, red or brown. You can also opt for hardwood flooring which looks equally good. Carpets look like a foreign element in the Mexican scheme. As such, it is advisable to go for hand woven rugs in deep rich shades.

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