Nowadays, anything that goes with the name Retro, sells, so why not retro kitchen designs? Here are some points about designs for a retro style kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Design

Though we are often unable to break free of our dependence on technology and everything modern, a great majority of us are often heard raving about all that is old, classic, or retro. It has become extremely fashionable to talk about what was and is not as being the way things ought to be, without realising how dependent we are on everything new. One part of us lives in the present while the other part craves for the past that we can never have. For instance, the moment something is branded ‘Retro’ it begins to sell like hot cakes, till the tide turns. When it comes to interior decorating, for instance, the retro look inside the kitchen has become instantly popular. Though it does take away a considerable amount of freedom that a modern kitchen allows us, it is definitely stylish and gives the impression of spaciousness. Here are some pointers for a retro kitchen design.
Ideas For Retro Designing The Kitchen 
Here are some pointers for a retro style kitchen design:
Some Common Features 
You could go with some common features for the retro kitchen décor, which could range from checked patterns, glass, chrome, plastic, and stainless steel. Vibrant, cheerful colors can be used for the decoration and pictures of old film stars or even travel and diner memorabilia, like street signs, vintage cars, Route 66 and drive-ins and so on. A Formica top and sleek, chrome legs, which give the classic minimalistic look of the early 1950s is perhaps the best choice for you, in terms of the ideal table you can use to complete the look. When it comes to matching chairs, you could choose options that feature plastic or leatherbacks and bottoms with chrome legs. If you wouldn’t mind a bit of variety, you could try for a booth seating kind of arrangement, which also offers the same plastic and leather cushioning and chrome accents to match the table. Another possible option is to buy new appliances and kitchen sinks that belong to the retro style. Black and white checked floors complete the classic retro kitchen look. For novelty, consider retro car benches that look like the back end of a vintage car with a bench seat in it.
The Colour Scheme 
To get the true retro look, you will have to paint the kitchen walls with bright colours of, say, the fire engine like red or orange or even the tried and tested combination of glossy black and white. The other colors can act as accents. To give the floor a classic look, you could go for alternating black and white tiles, or vary the look with a solid floor color.
The Appliances 
The market is flooded with stoves and refrigerators that are new, but look as if they were made a century ago – they are available in colors such as candy red, flamingo pink and buttercup yellow and are reproductions of the same appliances made during the 1950’s. They look old or retro on the outside but are state of the art on the inside. Retro reproductions can make a dramatic design statement without having to sacrifice performance and convenience to get the look of this period.
Accessorize And Personalize 
Adorn the table with brightly colored plastic food baskets and plastic squeeze bottles for condiments. Add a chrome napkin holder and a jukebox to give the complete look. Add to the retro atmosphere of the kitchen with checked tablecloths and retro photographs, paintings, and calendars. Have fun with accents such as Coca-Cola memorabilia and tin signs from the 1950s or even their replicas. Add an authentic touch with plastic-covered menus. Continue your retro theme with white diner-style mugs and plates, or very colorful, heavy plates. Enhance the retro atmosphere even more with classic photographs of famous stars, period paintings, and antique wall phones, replicas of antique automobiles and pictures of scenes from the 1950s.

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