Drever dog is a native of Sweden and is an excellent tracker and hunter. Go through the article to get detailed information about the Drever dog breed.

Drever Dog

Breed: Hound
Height: 11-16 inches
Weight: 32-34 pounds
Coat Type: Thick, close-fitting and flat
The Drever dog, also known as Swedish Dachsbracke, is a short-legged hunting dog from Sweden. The breed is known to have descended from the Westphalian Dachsbracke, a type of German hound called Bracke. Energetic, hardworking and fearless breed, Drever dogs are known for their hunting skill, which also explains the reason as to why the canine was bred in the first place. The small legs assist the dog in slow and stealthy movement, thus making it easier for the breed to maneuver and track the prey. Read through the following lines to know more about the Drever dog breed.
Drever was created from the rare Weshpalian Dachsbracke and local hounds. It was developed to re-create the short-legged dogs that were used to drive game towards the gun. The word ‘Drev’ means ‘to hunt’ in Swedish, which was exactly what the breed was good at, thus being named Drever, after a contest in 1947. The breed was officially named ‘Drever’ in 1947 and was recognized by the Swedish KG in 1949. A popular breed in Sweden, the canine is rarely seen outside the country. This energetic breed of dog has become the Swedish hunter’s most popular companion in a short span of time. Drever’s personality is similar to that of other Dachsbracke and Dachshunds. The breed was officially recognized in Canada in the year 1956.
Drever has a large head, which is long and well proportioned. The clear eyes are alert with thin, close-fitting eyelids. Though the breed is short, it has parallel and vertical forelegs. The upper lip of the dog is tight firmly fitting over the lower jaw. Unlike the Dachshund, the legs of the Drever are straight and never bent. It has a long tail with a downward curve. The dog has a thick, close-fitting and flat coat. Coat colors can vary from black, tan black to fawn and is always accompanied by white markings on face, feet, neck, chest and tail tip.
The Drever dog is an alert, even tempered and friendly breed. It is a hardworking dog and can continue working for long hours till he has satisfied the hunting instinct of his human companion. Drever dog is a fearless and steady worker, capable of hunting hare, fox and deer. The canine can even pit itself against wild boar as well. Since the dog was bred to be tenacious on hunting, it is essential for the owner to be strict and firm at the time of dealing with the dog. The owners can get the best from this breed, only by being stern and consistent with the rules. Passive owners will find the dog to become stubborn and headstrong. The breed can be friendly if socialized well.
Genetic Diseases
This breed runs the risk of few hereditary diseases, like lung edema or hunting edema. There are no signs of any other genetic disease in this breed of dogs.
A regular rubdown with a damp cloth is sufficient to clean the smooth-haired coat of the Drever dog. This breed is an average shedder, therefore not requiring much care with regard to its coat.

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