A plumber is always not required to fix your leaky showerhead, follow the instructions given below, and fix it yourself.

How To Fix A Leaky Shower Head

You watch in dread the costly knobs and shower that you have in your bathroom and how the shower responds through the innards, and suddenly a squeaky sound surfaces. The music of the shower ends with drip, drip, drip. The dripping sound could be no less than a nightmare. This is not only irritating but also causes a lot of discomfort when you want to have a nice shower and relax. The floor is always wet, the constant sound of leakage is irksome, and above all, there is a lot of wastage of water. This might also result in increased payments of water bills. Not only these, dripping water has other implications too. According to feng shui, leaky faucets, and showerheads indicates a waste of money and a negative emotional state of a person. The first thought that would come to your mind is to call a plumber. Then you would worry about the bill that will be charged. So, is changing the shower faucet or head the only solution? Well a lot of people think that it’s difficult to handle a leaky showerhead but in reality, one can try to fix it with a bit of instructions and tools. Read the article below to know the repair of a leaky showerhead in just few minutes. 
Repairing A Leaking Shower Head
What You’ll Need
  • Tape
  • Pipe sealer
  • Rubber washers or “O rings”
  • Pipe wrench
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers 
How To Repair 
  • To begin with, unscrew the showerhead from the outlet pipe.
  • Drape a towel around the point where the head screws onto the outlet piping so that any damage can be prevented to the showerhead.
  • Next, remove the head from the outlet with the help of pliers. When you remove the head, you will see a washer.
  • You need to replace the old washer with the new washer.
  • Seal it tightly with plumbers tape across the threads, before screwing back the showerhead.
  • Test the shower. Now, you can turn the water on to remove your doubts that the showerhead is no longer leaking. This must have fixed the leak and you can once again enjoy a refreshing shower.  
  • If you have a swiveling or rotating showerhead, you will need to increase the swivel range and flexibility. Take a silicone lubricant and apply to the interior swivel ball before you screw the head back in.
  • To remove the lime deposits that block the showerhead, take off the faceplate by removing the screws attaching it to the head. 
  • Keep the whole showerhead in a bowl containing white vinegar for at least eight hours. When the deposits are loosened scrub the faceplate with a stiff plastic brush and the remaining could be further removed with a help of toothpick or a nail.    

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