Hardwood floors in homes, offices and public places look very classy, but require maximum attention & care for maintenance. Read to get some easy tips on how to clean & maintain hardwood floors.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Elegant and royal though most hardwood floors in homes, offices and hotels look, they also require the maximum attention and care for its proper maintenance. Below, therefore, are some useful tips on how to clean hardwood floors that will help them retain that original look and luster.
Cleaning Tips for Maintenance of Hardwood Floors
  • Always use a soft, fine bristled broom whenever you are sweeping hardwood floors.
  • Hardwood floors need to be vacuumed once or maybe twice a week in order to remove dirt and dust. A soft brush attachment can be used to lessen the possibility of scratching.
  • Do not ever use water to clean hardwood floors as it will wear down the polish.  Incase someone spill water or any other liquid accidentally, use soft towel or wet / dry vacuum to instantly to wipe away the spill. Dry completely.
  • When wiping polyurethaned hardwood floors, use only very dry damp cloth for the purpose as extra water can seep into seams and ruin the look of the entire wood floor.
  • You also have the option of using carpet runners (with non-skid pads) atop wood floors that is being constantly used (i.e. walked upon).
    Remember to vacuum-clean the entire wooden floor area under rugs and a runner because with time the dirt filters down through the weave and scratches the wood below.
  • If it’s feasible, then avoid wearing heavy shoes or very high heels on hardwood floors because some heels can cause indentations.
  • Do not ever drag any furniture or any other objects across wooden flooring. Either keep small furniture like tables, chairs, etc. that have wheels at the base or use gliding furniture pads underneath the piece that will assist in its sliding across the floor
  • Place floor mats at every entrance to the wooden floor so that a person does not bring in dirt from the bottoms of his / her footwear.
  • Always strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s suggestions on how to treat wooden flooring scratches and dents.
  • Place furniture pads under tables and chair legs to avoid scratch marks on the floor. You can purchase them at any local hardware store or home center.
  • Certain hardwood floors may require timely / periodic waxing and buffing. Get suggestions from the manufacturer for the specific procedures for your floor.

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