Hardwood floors are expensive and scratches can ruin the look. Read the article below to know how to repair scratches from hardwood floors.

How To Repair Scratches In Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors

The fine polish and glaze of hardwood floors can never be matched by any other type of flooring be it tiles, concrete, or carpets. Hardwood floors add a royal touch and go very well both in modern and colonial houses. Due to their royal look, hardwood floors are in great demand and no wonder the price matches the demand. However, due to its mirror like look, hardwood floors are also always at a danger of getting marred, by stains or scratches. Of the two, the latter is perhaps the most worrisome because stains are relatively easy to remove then scratches. But then you cannot leave those scratches visible to everyone. Other than looking like an ugly scar on a polished surface, scratches will invite various questions. It will seem like the entire attention of people is riveted on the scratch, and not on the beauty of the floor. You would also like to remove the scratches so that nobody would think that you are careless enough to leave scratches on your expensive floors. To help you remove scratches from your hardwood floors read below to know more.
Tips On Removing Scratches From Hardwood Floors
Method One
Materials Required
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton cloths
  • Wax putty of the same color as the floor
  • Plastic putty knife 
  • First, clean the scratched surface of the floor with a wet cloth. Then soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and then clean the scratched area. This will remove all the additional dirt and grime. Now, take some wax putty with a putty knife and spread it evenly over the scratches. Force the putty into the scratches by moving the knife perpendicular to the scratches.
  • Smoothen the putty with the flat edge of the knife. Remove all the putty that is outside the scratch by scraping with the knife. Take a dry cotton cloth and fold it. Then rub the scratched surface vigorously with the flat span of the cloth so that the putty is set into the scratches. 
Method Two
Materials Required
  • Sandpaper or steel wool
  • Hardwood floor finish (the color of which matches the floor)
  • Paintbrush (the size of the brush should depend on the size of the scratch)
  • Rags and water
  • Take a very fine sandpaper and then sand the scratched area of the floor. Even sand the area around the scratch. It is better to rub the sandpaper in a circle on the scratch and avoid rubbing the sandpaper against the grain of the sand.
  • Now, clean up the area with a wet cloth after the sanding is done. Leave the floor to dry.
  • Now apply the hardwood floor finish on the floor with a paintbrush. Take a small amount of finish on the tip of the brush and cover the scratch with it. Never flood the scratched area with the finish as it can discolor the floor. You should also apply several layers of finish.
  • Let the floor dry naturally but take care that no dust and debris settles on it.

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