Minimize the gadget clutter by building your own entertainment unit that houses your gadgets and boosts up the style too. Here’s how you can build your own entertainment unit.

How To Build Your Own Entertainment Unit

Are you looking for a cool place to house your electronic gadgets, such as LCD TVs, home theater, playstation and other collectibles? If yes, then getting your own customized entertainment unit would make a whole lot of sense. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Entertainment units are practically styled to house your electronic gears and gadgets, which usually lies scattered, all under one roof. An entertainment unit resembles the regular wall units, and comes stacked with cabinets, doors, drawers and loads of space to store your precious electronic items. Thus, designing one to match your taste and need won’t be a bad idea. Customizing your own entertainment unit will not just save you all the extra costs that you would otherwise spend on a carpenter and designer, but it will allow you scope for playing with its style and features too. If you are thinking of creating a chic entertainment unit for your cool space, reading the following instructions on how to design your entertainment unit will help. Read on to get started.
Design Your Own Entertainment Unit
  • Whether you're looking for a place to stash away your CDs, house your latest LCD, or just flaunt your super-cool stereo system, a customized entertainment unit is just the thing for you. However, before you move on with the planning and designing, it would pay to outline a basic model for your entertainment unit. Just plan out a basic design and then head on to execute it.
  • You can get as innovative as you want with your entertainment unit. It is best to begin with the base. Just consider using the the front of your bathroom sink to hold your unit in case you have plans to recess it. This is a great idea considering that they come in all size, shape and color. You can use an old cabinet or better buy a fresh one to lend a whole new charm to your unit. However, if you have no plans to recess your unit, buying a full base cabinet would make sense.
  • You can use an old piece of idle furniture like an old armoire or a wardrobe, for instance, to build your entertainment unit. Wonder how! It’s easy. All you have to do is to chalk out the overall stature of your unit to buy the right shelving material. Once you have figured the basic design, begin by installing your base cabinet. Place a counter top on the top of the base. Remember to buy a matching edge banding when picking your material. Affix the edge of the band to the countertop.
  • Next step would be to install the shelves. Adjustable shelves are best bet since they will allow you a chance to play with their arrangement whenever you please. You can use pre-drilled melamine shelf board to hold the shelves from the sides. Fix this to the counter top with the pre-drilled holes facing up. You can use nail or screw to fix this if your cabinet is recessed.
  • Now measure and cut the shelving boards. You can use a screw, nail and even shelf support pegs to fix these shelves. Remember to install additional support if you plan to shelve something big and heavy. Wrap the front edge and the side panels with matching edge banding. You can also use mirrors to cover your shelves, if you want.
  • To make your entertainment unit fancier and more striking, you can install lights within. You will need to install sockets and plug-ins, if you plan to house electronic equipments within. You can decorate your unit with matching crown building for a touch of glamour and style.

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