If you think a roll of aluminium foil is only good for picnic sandwiches and snacks, you’re wrong. Explore this article and discover the innumerable ways by which aluminium foil is useful.

Aluminium Foil Uses

Are aluminium foils in your kitchen drawer collecting dust than being utilized for the hundred and one benefits they offer? Just because there aren’t any long distance journeys and backpacking trips on your horizons, doesn’t render an aluminium foil worthless. In fact, 'indispensable' would be the perfect choice of word to define the use of an aluminium foil. The reality that a thin delicate sheet of paper can make your life miles easier will indeed baffle you, however, it is true. As no bathroom is incomplete without toilet paper, no kitchen is ever complete without aluminium foil. Not only is it one of the easiest shields to be bent and wrapped around objects, but its pleasantly inexpensive! Brush off the clichés that aluminium foils are metal sheets to wrap your take away sandwich or a cheap alternative for tupperware and start using it for everything that it’s good for. Without realizing, you will be saving money in the process! Read this article and be alarmed (in a good way) of the numerous uses of aluminium foil.

Uses Of Aluminium Foil
  • Do you fear that your notorious pets might destroy your brand new sofa with their dirty paws? Try laying some aluminium foil on it and you’ll be surprised, the crackling noise it produces (once they hop on) will drive them away.
  • Overused scissors are prone to bluntness. Slicing through 6-8 layers of aluminium foil will magically sharpen the cutting surface of your scissors.
  • Splash some water on a wadded-up piece of aluminium foil and gently rub the mucky spots of your chrome car parts and revive its shine.
  • Place a scrap of aluminium foil on the bottom of your soap bar to prevent it from wearing away in a puddle of water. It will last longer henceforth.
  • Grab some aluminium foil, roll it into a cone shape and leave a small opening at the apex. Add some frosting into the cone and use this to decorate cakes with pretty frosting designs.
  • With a fishing line, hang twisted strips of aluminium foil 360° around your fruit trees. The light reflections and the sound will scare away the feathered thieves and safeguard your fruit trees. Similarly, cover the bases of your saplings with aluminium foil and get rid of gnawing rodents.
  • Do away with the ridiculously over-priced professional photography reflectors and make your own portrait reflector. All you have to do is cover a sturdy piece of cardboard with aluminium foil and voila!
  • When a TV and DVD player (or any such devices) are stacked one on top of the other, the picture reception may appear fuzzy due to interference between the electromagnetic fields. Cut down the interference by placing a sheet of aluminium foil in between the two objects.
  • Steam your silk or wool garments by placing a piece of aluminium foil on top of the ironing board and under the garment to remove wrinkles without harming the cloth with direct heat.
  • Strips of aluminium foil can be effectively used to make impromptu curls.
  • Whilst applying shampoo on your carpets, simply seal the legs of your furniture with aluminium foil and spare yourself from the trouble of moving heavy furniture.
  • Crumple up a piece of aluminium foil into a ball and use it as a cleaning scrubber, or toss it into your dryer to prevent static electricity in your clothing.
  • Say you’re roasting a turkey. Place it on a baking pan, and tent it with aluminium foil to retain the juices in the turkey and to cook completely without burning.
  • If the springs in the battery compartment of your MP3 have become loose, place those batteries by tightly attaching some aluminium foil to them.
  • Store freshly cleaned silverware on top of a sheet of aluminium foil to deter tarnishing.
  • You can toast your own cheese sandwich. Wrap it in aluminium foil and press both sides with an iron, when a toaster/microwave isn’t within your reach.

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