Ever dreamed of being the cool skater boy or skater girl? Read this article and figure the quickest method to making a budget friendly and self-made skateboard.

How To Make A Skateboard

You’ve seen it in the movies; you’ve seen it on television. Perhaps, you might like to give it a try now? Yes, skateboarding is all the rage nowadays. A newbie unflinchingly grabs the sleekest pre-assembled skateboard off the shelf. However, sooner or later, an ardent skateboarder will prefer a customized skateboard that tailors to his or her specific techniques. You can safeguard your stance whilst meandering along steep curves or ‘grinding the rails’ by crafting a skateboard that matches your skills and abilities. Deep concave shaped decks encourage demonstration of mind boggling tricks, while elongated streamlined broads grant the edge that will send you racing downhill. What a fulfilling rush of adrenaline indeed! Of course, one mustn’t be too overconfident. Bear in mind that many professional skateboarders suffer from traumatizing leg bone injuries. 
Building your own skateboard boosts your status as a skater, christening you the master of your treasured vehicle. One day you will be able to draw the line between a smooth landing and a rough slam without batting an eyelid, and nobody will question your skateboarding expertise. Scroll down and learn proficient methods to construct your very own unique skateboard.
Making A Skateboard
Items Needed 
  • Skateboard Veneer (7 plywood sheets)
  • Skateboard Glue
  • Skateboard Mould
  • Skateboard Press
  • Drills for Veneers
  • Routers and Sanders
  • Paints and Inks / Silk Screens
  • Skateboard Trucks
  • Skateboard Wheels 
  • Divide the plywood into seven 30 x 10 inch rectangles. They must be arranged in the following order: Face> Core layer> Cross band>Core layer>Cross band>Core layer> Face. The thickness of the veneer varies from1/17th of an inch for the faces, and core layers and 1/20th of an inch for the cross bands, influencing the strength, weight and texture of the board. 
  • With the help of a paint roller, stick together the plies. Spread around 2 or 3 ounces of glue at the back of each veneer plywood sheet. Make sure sufficient glue is applied so as to avoid de-lamination. 
  • Place the glued veneers into a skateboard mold. By using a press, the veneer is forced into desired shape. If the press exerts a pressure of 2000 pounds per square inch, leave it for two hours. However, a full day will be required for a 5 ton press. Later, leave the glue and wood to dry for another 24 hours.
  • Using a standard drill, punch in the holes. Take an old deck as a template or make measurements to ascertain the deck’s actual center point. Once you have determined the wheel base, drill in the required truck holes.
  • Shape the deck with an old used deck for reference. You can trace by placing the template over the uncut blank, you can mark the parts to be chopped off with a jig saw or a band saw.
  • Trim away the worn-down edges by employing a palm or mini-router and achieve flawless roundness. Radiuses can differ depending upon personal preferences. You might also need to sand your skateboard with an orbital sander for smoothness. Wipe away any sprinkled saw dust or debris with a clean cloth.
  • Be it stencils acrylics or inks on silk screens, do your thing and be creative! It’s your skateboard. Paint your favorite symbol. Or hire a graphic specialist to splatter your deck with the best designs.
  • Use a clear ‘final coat’ to give it that sparkling glint that catches everybody’s eye.
  • Attach the trucks to the underside of the deck, one on each end. Flip the deck upside down to ensure that the truck is saddled to the centre of the board and that the holes are screwed. Trucks for skateboards can be cast with aluminium or titanium alloys, which are relatively stronger and cheaper. For skateboard tricksters, thick rubber shock pads should be incorporated into these trucks.
  • It is more advisable to purchase trucks with wheels attached, or wheels that are very simple to attach. Thrust these wheels into the end of the truck’s axle.The most dynamic artwork on skateboards are portrayed through wheels. They can be neon bright or devil dark and the patterns and shapes are equally attention-grabbing.

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